I’m 100% Behind Aaron Sorkin Screenwriting Superhero Movies

I’m 100% Behind Aaron Sorkin Screenwriting Superhero Movies

It’s hard to picture the man who wrote titles such as “A Few Good Men,” “The American President,” “Charlie Wilson’s War,” “The Social Network,” “Moneyball” and “Steve Jobs,” taking his skills to comic book films.  Sorkin also created and wrote most of the episodes of “The West Wing,” “SportsNight,” “Studio 60” and “The Newsroom.”  But now he might be throwing his name into the collective money making machine ring of Marvel and DC.   Recently at CinemaCon Sorkin made mention of his recent plans.

“I happen to have meetings coming up with both DC and Marvel,” Sorkin told ComicBook.com while on the red carpet at Las Vegas’ CinemaCon. “I have to go into these meetings and tell them as respectfully as I can that I’ve never read a comic book. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I’ve never been exposed to one. So, I’m hoping that somewhere in their library is a comic book character that I’m gonna love and I’m going to want to go back and start reading from the first issue on.”

If there’s one thing I’m not worried about, it’s Sorkin putting all the time and research necessary into whatever he decides to do.  Given the breadth of his work do you really think he’d muck up a superhero movie?  In fact I think he’s the kind of guy that can take a comic book film and actually put it into Oscar contention.   He’s that good a writer.   It’s a matter of whether or not he even likes the genre.

Let’s hope he follows through.  I’ll be very interested to see what project, if any, he takes on.

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