Five Cartoon Characters You Had No Idea Idris Elba Voiced

Five Cartoon Characters You Had No Idea Idris Elba Voiced

Voice over acting has been a big thing now for decades and is kind of interesting. You don’t always know when you’re going to hear one of your favorite movie actors voicing a role on a cartoon or just anywhere for that matter. You would think that Idris Elba would have a very well-distinguished voice and wouldn’t be hard to pick out of a crowd, but in truth his voice does tend to fluctuate now and again and you do have to pay attention or you might have to wait for the credits to roll to ascertain whether it was really his voice or not. He’s been seen to do a little voice acting for cartoon movies here and there but not much. That could always change in the future though.

Here are a few cartoon movies, and a couple of game trailers, that you might not realize he contributed to.

5. Himself – FIFA 15 Trailer

Maybe it’s the fact that he’s English or just the fact that he has the type of voice that carries a heavy amount of authority, but it seems totally reasonable to hear Elba coming through on this trailer. His voice lends such an air of realism to the game that you couldn’t really imagine anyone else doing this kind of job and getting people pumped up to play soccer, or football, however you want to say it.

4. Chief Bogo – Zootopia

He definitely cuts a very authoritative figure in this film. Chief Bogo is the kind of person you really don’t want to cross. He’s got a temper, he isn’t shy about firing someone for insubordination, and more to the point he doesn’t have a very good sense of humor all that often. That does change as the film moves along, but more or less he’s the guy that everyone knows is going to be the hardcase.

3. Shere Kahn – The Jungle Book

Elba has already shown he can be the bad guy in live action films, but in The Jungle Book he shows that he can be downright evil. As Shere Khan he’s manipulative, scheming, and flat out mean. He has no love for the other animals of the jungle and seeks only to impose his will. Elba definitely taps into a diabolical streak for this role, and plays it so well that it’s entirely believable.

2. Fluke – Finding Dory

This has to be one of his funnier roles considering that he’s so laid back and actually cracks wise now and again. As a lazy, rock-sitting harbor seal Fluke is less than helpful most times and is really only interested in his own needs. He’s not a bad guy thankfully but he’s not exactly the best ally to have either. After all, seals aren’t always known for being that helpful.

1. Truck – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 

It’s really hard to hear Truck at all since the scene is so chaotic and all that can really be heard is gunfire. Elba does a short stint as one of the soldiers that eventually dies however, or so we assume. Truck is one of the guys that get’s left behind when it’s time to evacuate, as waiting any longer for the remaining soldiers would doom them all. Call of Duty is known for its gritty and tragic death scenes.

So how many of these did you already know about?


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