What We Learned from The Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer


Oh there are plenty of things to be said about the new Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer, hopefully some will actually silence the haters that are already going to town on calling it a ripoff of Stranger Things. Yep, the internet has replied in a big way that the new Ghostbusters movie somehow looks like an episode of Stranger Things, and fans are currently scratching their heads wondering what the trolls are thinking about, or if they’re thinking at all and not just reacting. In any case, the trailer has managed to get some people excited since this time around we’re headed out of the city and into the country where one might think that ghost sightings aren’t nearly as prevalent, but could very well be a lot creepier given the environment and the fact that it’s not quite as expected. Of course when you really think about it there might be a lot more chance for a rural area to be just as infested with ghosts as any other place since there’s history there was well and plenty of years in which to collect a dark and unknown amount of secrets that could come back to plague a town at any given time.

What we’re seeing so far is the possibility of the family that’s being showcased, who are likely related to Egon Spengler thanks to their appearance and the simple fact that the Ghostbusters uniform with the name Spengler is shown, are likely going to be leading the charge. Whether Egon is the grandfather that’s being spoken of or the father, grandfather seems more likely, it’s evident that somehow Ecto 1 and all the equipment ended up in this old barn located on an old, rundown farm that sits out in the middle of nowhere. That seems like a nice place to store a bunch of nuclear-powered equipment, right? And the power packs should still be fully juiced since Egon did say in the second movie that they have a half-life of several thousand years. Plus, if you look at both kids in the trailer you do manage to get some sense of whose line they come from, and it’s not Venkman’s since otherwise they might be wisecracking jokesters that don’t know how to take anything seriously, and it would be kind of obvious if they were Winston’s kids as well. Ray could be the grandfather as well, since it would make more sense, but just looking at the kids it seems a lot more likely that Egon is the guy that, somehow, set up everything at an out of the way place in the country. Plus, a big clue is the presentation of the molds, fungus, and spores that can be seen in one shot since the head scientist of the group actually stated that he collected such things in the first movie. Maybe Egon was raised on a farm? It could be that he was eager to get away and move to the city but, in a move that’s really uncharacteristic for Egon, started getting nostalgic in his old age and kept the family farm. It’s a thought. Plus, since he would need to find some emotional attachment to finally settle down and help raise a family, it’s possible that Egon and Janine started something serious, or that he found someone that could match him and possibly enlighten him as to the meaning and application of emotions.

With all that mind there’s also the wonder of just what kind of ghosts we’re going to see in the small town since Slimer is obviously making his way back as the kids are chasing him in Ecto 1 at some point. Plus, Paul Rudd will have an important part to play that almost feels like a link between the old movies and this new one, as he remembers the Ghostbusters from their heyday. Of course given that it’s been roughly thirty years since a ghost came calling in the living world, at least as far as anyone knows, it’s bound to be a wonder if the guys are going to answer the call in typical fashion since it’s pretty easy to think that they’ve all moved on at this point. One can imagine that Ray might still be interested enough to stick with the paranormal studies, but Peter and Winston, the two members of the group that were in it more for the promise of money and possible job security, may well have moved on to something else. But with word that they’re going to be in the movie there’s no doubt that we’ll get to see them, hopefully kicking the crap out of ghosts once again and coming up with a few new catchphrases. This time however it’s definitely looking as though the kids will be taking up the fight first and foremost, and that gunners seat installed on Ecto 1 is something that might sell a few toys and be deemed as a worthy addition when the movie finally hits theaters.

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