The Five Most Visually Stunning Movies of the 90s

The Five Most Visually Stunning Movies of the 90s

The Five Most Visually Stunning Movies of the 90s

Every decade has a number of movies that are absolutely stunning when it comes to their visuals since quite honestly each decade in the film industry has surpassed the one before it thanks to the advancement of technology and the demands of the audience. If you think that the audience has no say in what happens then you might be amazed to find out that not every director simply goes by their own vision, they tend to listen from time to time and pay attention to what people want. In the 90s though technology was taking huge leaps as the movies below would indicate and were getting further and further away from cheesy special effects and focusing more on CG than anything since that seemed to make a big difference when it came to what they could do and how they make the movies look that much more impressive.

Here are just five movies that were able to blow people away in the 90s.

5. Jurassic Park

Seriously, this was the kind of movie that you could hear one or two theaters over since almost every other theater wanted the use of a THX sound system to make the roars and the impacts that much more meaningful. When the T. Rex bellowed, when the chase was on, and when the terror was escalating with each passing moment you could hear it through the walls, and if you were in the theater you were cringing in your seat since this was the most realistic dinosaur movie that had ever been made at that point. The claymation was gone, the jerky, halting movements were mostly gone, and it was an in your face experience that changed the way we looked at dinosaurs for a while.

4. Titanic

It would be hard to say that such a story never took place on board the Titanic save for the records and accounts that would make this into just a glamorized love tale that occurred during one of the worst maritime disasters in history. But when people in the movie continue to speak as though the Titanic can’t sink it finally takes the engineer to remind them ‘it’s made of iron’ so of course it’s going to sink like a stone the moment it starts taking on water. But the visuals we get in this movie are so varied and so great that it reminds you that many upon many people lost their lives in this tragedy, not just those that society believed counted.

3. Braveheart

Despite being so horribly inaccurate due to Mel Gibson wanting to tell his own story this movie was still something that a lot of people have been heard to quote and talk about throughout the years because honestly it’s just that good. It only takes a cursory check to see that despite the narrated claim in the beginning of how ‘history is written by those that have hanged heroes’ the life of William Wallace was far different than the movie would suggest. Historical records that have been dredged up from both sides, England and Scotland, may disagree on a few things, but Wallace’s life isn’t one of them.

2. The Matrix

If there’s one movie in the 90s that can be said to have influenced a great number of movies moving forward it was The Matrix. This alternate look at a reality that enslaves the people it depends on isn’t exactly a new idea but at the same time it was a new way of looking at it. Honestly, the bullet dodge was the most talked about scene for a long time since the technology that made it possible was something that people hadn’t really seen or gotten used to at that time. After this movie came out a lot of people took to questioning their reality no matter that it was a movie, and a host of spoof movies were born not long after.

1. The Lion King

You know a story is great if it inspires its own movie, soundtrack, merchandise, Broadway play, and the kind of worldwide attention that it received. The Lion King was a traumatizing movie for a lot of young kids as Mufasa’s death hit them pretty hard despite the fact that it was animation. But Simba’s return and his ability to step up to the role of king was nothing less than inspiring for a lot of people. The visuals in the new live action version look as though they’d be amazing and they probably are, but so far it seems pretty underwhelming when place beside the numbers that the animated version put up. Maybe it will recover and begin to do better, but it’s hard to say.

With every decade there are more and more movies coming out that are bound to be as impressive if not more so than the decade before.Jurassic Park

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