The Top Five Prom Scenes in Movie History

The Top Five Prom Scenes in Movie History

The Top Five Prom Scenes in Movie History

Ah the prom. The decorations, the dresses, the tuxes, and of course, the memories. Some are good and some are bad, and some are, well, let’s just say they’re fixated somewhere in between.  Film seems to capture this momentous event in its own unique light, highlighting certain portions while leaving others out. It even puts a spin on prom night that some people never saw coming. It’s been drama, comedy, horror, and everything in between. The prom is a time when young people are in the process of making memories that might last them for a lifetime. One can only hope they aren’t memories that will scar them for the rest of their years.


4. Footloose

It’s hard to imagine any town where dancing and music weren’t allowed or were at least heavily discouraged. What in the world would a prom be like without either one? It’d be a bunch of kids standing around and talking while sipping punch and trying to look like they’re bored out of their skulls. Dancing and loud music are a staple of proms everywhere and should just be expected.

3. Back to The Future

This was known as a formal I suppose, but it’s not really any different than a prom. The term prom is actually believed to have exist as far back as the 19th century, so calling a dance a formal could have been as close to calling it a prom as one could get. Somehow though I doubt a prom in the 1950’s would have been ready for this version of Johnny B. Goode. Keep in mind though, Chuck Berry did perform this song in 1958 so it’s only three years away from the date in the movie.

2. Pretty in Pink

We can’t ever forget the teen queen Molly Ringwald. If not for her we wouldn’t have an epitome of teen greatness in the 1980’s. She was the absolute dream queen of this era and one of the few names we remember fondly from that time. Plus, this movie kind of introduced us to the acting talents of John Cryer, Andrew McCarthey, and James Spader. It’s got to be hard to be the best friend but never the boyfriend, but then this is a story where the young woman yearns for more than the friend zone.

1. Carrie

Prom, check. Dress, check, good-looking couple, check. Pig’s blood, che-wait, what? Yep, this would have been a dream come true for Carrie if her mother hadn’t have been right about what would happen. Well, let’s say her prophetic words got an assist at least from a couple of teenagers bent on doing whatever it took to get revenge. And we all saw how that worked out didn’t we?

So prom can be a nerve-wracking time for young kids in love. It can also be a magical, storybook ending depending on what kind of tale you fancy.

5. American Pie

The Top Five Prom Scenes in Movie History

So many stories here. Jim, Kevin, Oz, and Finch all want to make this a night to remember by getting their swerve on. Stifler just wants it to be another night in the fabulous story that is his life, and Sherman, oh poor Sherman. The Sherminator gets caught out for being the biggest phony in the room and worse than that, the entire school will know what happened the day after. I can’t be certain, but would a woman confessing that he had relations with a grapefruit be worse than him actually peeing his pants in front of everyone?


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