Five Real Life Weapons Inspired by Fictional Movie Weapons

First let’s get this straight, Rose McGowan and her machine-gun leg will not be on this list, but it is a killer image for a fantasy weapon. While a couple of the items on the list aren’t entirely practical they are real-life weapons inspired by fantasy. The human imagination is always going to want to produce what reality just can’t seem to handle yet, and a result people will do whatever they can to make the fantasy into something they can touch and potentially even operate. While a machine gun leg might be stretching it a bit beyond the boundaries of what’s believable, the weapons listed below are at least feasible in that they’ve been a great deal of research before their final designs have been unveiled.

So let’s see what fantasy has inspired.

5. Lightsaber

These are still largely in the developmental phase but the fact remains that people have taken the idea of the lightsaber to heart and are actively trying to find a way to make them work. In all honesty it’s hard to know whether to be impressed or just scared to think that one day someone might be walking around with a laser sword that could cut through virtually anything. Let’s just remember that Jedi were in tune with their weapons and this is why only few of them went around sporting massive lightsaber burns from “accidents”.

4. Wolverine claws

Thankfully these don’t need to be bonded to your skeleton or inserted under your skin. The design is about as close as it gets however and despite not being indestructible like the titular hero these claws are extremely sharp and very impressive. Given the fact that most of the designs don’t have a way to retract however they’re not a very practical weapon and don’t offer a lot of versatility.

3. Exoskeletons

The idea behind this is great considering that it makes a soldier a walking  tank and can cut down on how much they can carry versus how much they really need. The only problem is that they are still being developed and as such are not being mass-marketed. Plus, think about how long it might take to get into and out of a suite like this. It looks extremely cool and could possible revolutionize warfare, but it also looks like something either a grunt task force or a specialist team would wear considering its bulk and the fact you might sound like a one-person army just strolling up on someone.

2. Self-guiding bullet

This is basically a hi-tech bullet. It has sensors and other gadgetry in it that can allow the bullet to change course in accordance with actuators buried inside that follow the data given to it by optical sensors. Unlike the scene in Wanted it’s not really possible to curve a bullet on your own. With this new invention however one could force a bullet to change its course all depending on where they put their optical sensors. So long as you can keep the electronic eye on the target there isn’t a lot chance to miss.

1. Railguns

The railgun is something that’s been around for a little while, but it was definitely show in films to be something it’s not. Remember in Eraser when Arnold Schwarzenegger was hefting two handheld railguns and eliminating bad guys left and right? Yeah, no, not gonna happen. But railguns are very real, and they are very deadly from a long, long way out.

It’s always interesting to see where fantasy and reality collide, and just what comes of it when they do.

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