“Hotel Artemis” Trailer: Jodie Foster Opens a Hospital for Criminals

The trailer for “Hotel Atemis” was just released. The action thriller promises big stars and an exiting plot. Jodie Foster stars as a head nurse in a secret Los Angeles hotel that houses criminals. The movie, set in 2028, follows a volatile Los Angeles filled with violet criminals and riots and a hospital that somehow allows criminals some sanctuary if they abide by the hospital’s enforcement of rules and trust. The Drew Pearce directed film will debut this summer on June 8.

Here is what we know about “Hotel Artemis”

It boasts a star studded cast

“Hotel Artemis” is Jodie Foster’s first acting role since 2013’s “Elysium” which means it must be something special. Foster stars as the head nurse and overseer of a secret hospital/jail set up in a Los Angeles hotel. The hotel/hospital seems to have a secret 22 year past based on the trailer. The star studded cast includes Sterling K. Brown, Jeff Goldblum, Charlie Day, Sofia Boutella, David Boutista, Jenny Slate, and Bryan Tyree Henrey.

The director is dynamic

“Hotel Artemis” is is produced by a partnership of The Ink Factory and 127 Wall. The production companies are financing the film for director Drew Pearce. This is Pearce’s directorial debut but he has been active in Hollywood for sometime. Pearce wrote “Iron Man 3” and “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”. He has also written for the British sitcom “No Heroes”. Pearce directs “Hotel Artemis” based on his own script. From his writing resume, we can easily assume the movie will be action packed. “Hotel Artemis” may be this summer’s blockbuster. The movie also features cinematography by Chung Chung-hoon a Park Chanwook collaborator and features the score by Cliff Martinez.

It will be a hit

Although the plot has been kept secret, the trailer for “Hotel Artemis” gives us several hints. Foster and Goldblum obviously will contribute humor to the thrilling plot. While the trailer hints at Foster’s wisecracking “been there done that” humor, it also hints as Goldblum’s trademark skepticism. The trailer makes obvious the blot of Brown and Boutella’s dealings with some sort of handled self-destructive device. With a stellar cast and a brilliant action-thriller writer making his directorial debut, “Hotel Artemis” promises to be an action packed fun movie to see this summer.

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