Five Movies That are Downright Stressful to Watch

Five Movies That are Downright Stressful to Watch

Five Movies That are Downright Stressful to Watch

There are some seriously stressful movies out there that make audience members actually tense up and experience anxiety attacks if they go too far with them, and to be realistic, some of the subjects are a little tough to even think about, let alone watch. But one thing that a lot of people can do is remind themselves that it’s just a movie, it’s all pretend, and that at the end of the movie things are going to go back to a balanced state once again. One has to wonder just what it’s like for the actors going through the motions in these movies, especially those that might have experienced something even remotely similar to what they’re doing in front of the camera. No one ever said Hollywood was going to be fair, polite, and easy to handle at all times, and if they did then they were blatantly lying to whoever was willing to listen since some movies are just difficult to watch thanks to the idea that they’re exploring depths of the human experience that some people aren’t entirely comfortable with.

Here are just a few of the most stressful movies a person can watch.

5. Requiem for a Dream

Heroin is no joke, and yet Hollywood has spun that idea a few different ways since a lot of times it will portray the realism of a heroin addiction in a manner that people can appreciate, but at others it will slap audiences in the face with a movie like this. From suffering through a life-threatening infection due to continuous needle use to subsisting on pills instead of food to selling one’s body for another fix, this movie is enough to make people think that drug abuse is one of the absolute worst ideas in the world and should be steered clear of at all costs. Of course those that get sucked in too deep might miss that message.

4. The Departed

The most stressful part of this movie is finding out who’s trying to fool who since it would appear that the cops are on the mobster’s payroll while the mobster is working for federal authorities and an endless cycle is begun that pits one person against another. In this manner it makes things very difficult since no one really knows who’s working for who and who can really be trusted. The big hope of a lot of audience members of course is that the South Boston police department isn’t really like this and that there aren’t as many leaks as there can possibly be. That’s pretty easy to find out with a quick Google search though, if you believe the sources.

3. 127 Hours

One thing that any experienced hiker is supposed to do is let people know where they’re headed. It might be a little more meaningful if they go off the beaten track and no one knows about it or can possibly find them, but that’s usually when fate steps in says ‘guess what?’. As Aron found out the hard way not being accessible to anyone since they don’t know where you are is as close to a death sentence as one can come since there’s no backup and no help coming if a person falls, gets pinned somewhere, or is somehow injured and can’t help themselves. Thankfully he did survive and his story went on, but it’s still a nail-biter.

2. The Descent

Those with claustrophobia should not be watching this movie since quite honestly it’s not bound to go well for them. When a group of women travel deep into the earth for some extreme spelunking they find themselves trapped when a cave-in occurs and lost thanks to the fact that the woman that planned the trip had no firm idea of the tunnel system they would be navigating since she wanted them to be the first to discover it. Unfortunately they weren’t really the first, as something deep below has been around for far longer. If the tight, confine spaces don’t get you, then the inhabitants of the deep surely will.

1. Prisoners

Parents might find this movie a little stressful since the idea of losing your children for even a few minutes in a crowded place is bad enough, but losing them in a neighborhood you’ve seen as safe for years is absolutely horrifying. More than that, as a parent one has to ask themselves how far they would go in order to get their kid back, and far across the line would they be willing to step if they had an idea of who might know where their kid is? The stress here is only exacerbated by the missing children, since the other part is wondering just how brutal one might actually be able to get to keep their children safe.

A lot of times stress just isn’t worth it, but in the movies, stress definitely adds to the dramatic effect.

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