What We Learned from Marvel’s 616 Trailer

What We Learned from Marvel’s 616 Trailer

If anyone ever scoffs at the idea that Marvel is ‘just comic books’ or ‘just movies’ or even ‘just fantasy’, there’s a grain of truth there, but it’s not the whole truth since quite obviously Marvel is a lot more than that considering the strength of the fanbase and what’s been accomplished over the years in bringing the Marvel universe to those that have gained inspiration from it. Of course, the fantasy seen within the pages and on-screen isn’t one hundred percent real, but the impact and the effect that the heroes and villains have had on people is since the whole idea isn’t to radically change peoples’ beliefs in the fabric of reality (though it does happen). Instead, as the 616 trailer shows us, it’s to inspire and keep inspiring those that love the comics to come together and share their ideas and enjoy the overall joy that comes with being a fan of the franchise. It’s about enjoying the fact that there are new vistas to explore, new ideas to push, and different ways that old ideas can be revived and doled out to each new generation so that they have something impressive to look up to. Marvel has become much, much more than it started out as, and the fanbase has multiplied in a way that is absolutely phenomenal since, in the years since the MCU was formed, more and more people have been turned on to the idea of Marvel comics, while those that have been faithful fans for a long time have continued to share the joy.

Walk into any comic convention and you’ll note that even those that aren’t dressed up in costumes are having a great time since, despite Marvel not being the only company represented at many conventions, they’re one of the biggest and most notable. You’ll also be bound to see that many upon many people are sure to be dressed up as their favorite hero or villain from the Marvel universe since the stories that exist within the pages of Marvel are so plentiful that some folks have a seriously hard time trying to figure out just who they want to follow and who they want to pick as their favorite. There are so many stories that can inspire and amaze people that some folks are at a loss for who they want to follow, while others will find a story and stick with it thanks to some connection that is felt with the hero, or even the villain. The decades-long argument between DC and Marvel is one that I won’t go into at the moment since it tends to detract from the current idea of why Marvel is so great, but the truth is that people can enjoy both companies equally and not allow themselves to get bogged down by the idea of who’s ‘better’. A lot of times many will make the case for Marvel since many of their heroes and villains are easier to relate to simply because they’re not insanely overpowered in every possible way and do have very human flaws to deal with. This is one thing that’s set Marvel apart from DC in the past, even if DC fans want to argue that their heroes and villains deal with mundane moments in their lives as well. Marvel heroes and villains have been seen having to handle their personal lives and battle very real demons that ordinary, everyday people deal with, which is just one reason why some folks tend to side with Marvel a bit more since they appear to deliver a more human experience that’s easier for people to understand sometimes.

Whichever company a person gravitates towards doesn’t matter since comic books and the movies that are inspired by them are a part of pop culture that helps to bring people together under a shared interest. The many stories that Marvel has brought to life with the many talented artists and writers that it’s employed and touched in one way or another over the years have been a huge part of pop culture and have gone a long way in bringing new heroes to light as well as highlighting old ones and giving them new and impressive looks. It feels fair to say that so long as the joy and wonder of Marvel comics can be passed from one generation to another that Marvel will endure for some time to come. With the movies, streaming shows, and continual developments that have been taking place in recent years, it’s easy to assume that we’ll continue to be amazed and impressed by the developments that have been brought to life in so many great ways. For those that have been following Marvel comics since their younger years, it’s great since their favorite stories have come to life, and for new fans, it’s equally amazing since it’s an amazing time to be a Marvel fan.

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