Five Modern Family Spinoffs That Just Might Work

It has been announced that Modern Family is coming to a close. However, a potential Modern Family spinoff hasn’t been ruled out, though for obvious reasons, the people behind the show are focusing on its final season for the time being. With that said, it should come as no surprise to learn that there are a lot of Modern Family fans who are speculating about what a spinoff would look like, with us being no exception to this rule. Here are five ideas for a potential Modern Family spinoff:

Something Centered on Haley and Dylan

The obvious solution would be centering the spinoff on one of the titular family’s children, most of whom are now adults capable of striking out on their own. In part, this is because it would enable the spinoff to distance itself from its parent show, thus giving it a chance to become something worth watching in its own right. However, it should still enable the people behind the show to bring in old favorites as needed, which could be necessary in order to convince potential viewers to give it a chance. In any case, Haley seems like she’d make the best candidate for a spinoff that is similar but not the same as Modern Family, not least because it seems that she is choosing to settle down with Dylan.

Something Centered on Alex

Alternatively, another option would be a spinoff centered on Alex’s experiences at university. Granted, she has been going to university for a few seasons, but the convenient thing about that is that there is always the option of having the character go to graduate school after her undergraduate studies. For that matter, graduate school might be useful for enabling said spinoff to stand out from other shows that were much more focused on the undergraduate experience, which are two very different things to say the least.

Something Centered on Manny and Luke

Moving on, Manny might be another good choice to focus on for a potential spinoff. However, if the character can’t carry the spinoff on his own, there are a couple of simple ways to bring in other elements from the parent show. For instance, one option would be bringing Luke in, seeing as how the two have an established dynamic between them. However, another option would be focusing more on Gloria’s side of the family, which would offer a lot of additional narrative possibilities. For instance, it might be entertaining to see Manny and Luke visiting Manny’s relatives in Columbia for a few episodes, though that probably won’t be enough to carry a spinoff on its own.

Something Centered on Cam and Mitchell’s Circle of Gay Friends

Cam and Mitchell have a lot of gay friends that are insulated from the rest of the family for the most part. Moreover, what we have seen suggests that a lot of these individuals are colorful characters in their own right with potentially interesting stories of their own. As a result, it might be interesting to see a spinoff centered not so much on Cam and Mitchell but Cam and Mitchell interacting with their circle of friends. The result would be very different from Modern Family, but a spinoff focused on the gay community might be a neat way to maintain a strong connection to the parent show while still exploring something very different.

Something Centered on Andy

This would be a longshot, but it might be fun to have something focused on Andy Bailey. For those who might not remember him in perfect detail, Andy was introduced to the show as Joe’s nurse before becoming a friend to the entire family. Initially, he clashed with Hailey, but later on, the two became friendlier and friendlier with one another, which resulted in an on-again, off-again relationship that seems to have come to an end with Season 8. Personality-wise, Andy was curious in that he bore a strong resemblance to Phil, which enabled the two to get along quite well. Regardless, a spinoff focused on Andy would have less of a connection with the parent show, but at the same time, it wouldn’t be able to lean too much on the parent show either, which might save it from being propped up on said connection.

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