The Book of Boba Fett: ‘The Tribes of Tatooine’ Recap

The Book of Boba Fett: ‘The Tribes of Tatooine’ Recap

Maybe some fans are expecting too much or maybe some of them don’t realize that building a character like Boba Fett and filling in the gaps of his life that have been covered by comics, novels, and various other means is going to be a slow go given that there’s so much to him. But calling it a ‘lumbering’ series at this point isn’t entirely unfair, though it is inaccurate since there has been action and there has been enough intrigue to keep things moving forward. It does feel as though there’s empty space here and there that needs to be filled, but it’s easy to let this pass at times when the action gets going or the plot thickens a bit, such as it did in The Tribes of Tatooine. Obviously there’s still unrest in the city as Fett continues to acclimate to his current position, and the assassination attempt made in the first episode makes that rather clear. But now, after meeting the Ithorian mayor of Mos Espa, there’s a reason to doubt whether the mayor sent the assassins, or if it’s the Twins, a pair of Hutt siblings that are cousins to the late Jabba. 

The standoff they hold in the street, complete with a towering Wookie bodyguard that appears to be familiar to Boba, is proof enough that they’re not messing around, and the open threat to Fett to ‘sleep lightly’, is another reason why the Hutts are bound to become a problem in later episodes. But the pace of this episode could be attributed to the buildup that’s taking place as characters are being introduced and Fett’s life is being sewn together bit by since his time with the Tuskens is a bit important, not only for the fact that it showed what happened after he escaped the Sarlaac pit, but also because as a Daimyo there’s a good reason to keep showing the Tusken Raiders. 

As Fett says in the episode, the Tusken’s know every inch of the desert, as they’ve survived there long enough for their tribal memory to include a time when Tatooine was apparently a world with vast oceans that dried up eventually. That’s food for thought, especially since Star Wars has always maintained that the planet was a desert that many considered to be the last bastion for criminals and thieves to simply disappear. But to think that Tatooine once had oceans, rivers, lakes, and so on is kind of intriguing since it might stand out as another part of the story that could be explored later on. Personally, I want to know more about that Wookie bodyguard and what the Twins are all about, but the elements of the story that are being pulled in and made to appear important are becoming rather interesting. But as I mentioned, there is an importance to the Tusken’s that one can’t help but think will come into play later, and that’s the fact that once a person is accepted by the Tusken’s, they may very well be able to call upon them if the need is great enough and benefits the tribes. 

Think about that just for a second, even if it’s just theory and not something that’s about to happen. If Boba Fett, who is shown proving himself to the Tusken’s and has learned their fighting style and fashioned his own gaffi stick, could call upon the Tusken’s when needed, he would end up being one of the most powerful men on Tatooine, and he would have done it his way, with the respect of a species that is insanely dangerous on the open sands since when they’re organized their knowledge of the desert allows them to gain an advantage that other beings simply don’t have. Some might want to laugh at this since the hovertrain that was speeding its way through the desert was able to pass unmolested for so long since it had long-range rifles that were effective as hell and the Tusken’s couldn’t keep up. But with Fett’s guidance and teaching, there’s a good chance that the Dune Sea would become somewhat like the Silk Road, which is a fitting analogy in this case. But if this is going to happen, which is a big hope, it could be a way to establish a firm feeling of dominance on Tatooine, since when organized, the Tusken Raiders are hard to beat. 

There is another hope that one of the Tuskens might turn out to be a former Jedi, but considering how much of the Legends canon Disney has cut out and then brought back, it’s a huge guessing game at this time. But if anyone is ready to say that this show is just lumbering along and might not go anywhere, it means they’re not watching. Plus, just as an afterthought, pay attention to one of the droids in the episode because it really brings to mind the plucky little droid from Star Tours in Disneyland. 

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