What We Know about The Valdemar TV Series So Far

There are a few things to note about the Valdemar TV series that’s supposedly upcoming. For one thing, it’s too early to know who’s going to be cast and when it will begin production and then be released. The second is that it will focus on something that isn’t typically seen in a fantasy world, an openly gay lead character since the author who started this story decades ago decided to focus on the LGBTQ+ aspect within this fantasy world before the aforementioned community really started to make their way into the open as they’ve done for a while now. That could make things very interesting, to say the least since one has to admit that this hasn’t really happened that often, if at all since there are always rumors that one character or another is part of the LGBTQ+ community even when they weren’t written that way. Perspective is a hell of a thing really, especially when one has to force certain ideas to fit their own. But a lead character that is gay will be kind of interesting as it will open up a lot of ideas that some will embrace and others will likely ignore.

Another part of the story that’s important to pay attention to is the fact that when Vanyel, the lead character, becomes the person he’s supposed to be, it’s after he’s been abused, excluded, and otherwise shamed and hurt throughout his life. In other words, the exclusion tactics that are used in this story are bound to come into play as well as a parallel that will no doubt be picked up by those in the LGBTQ+ community. Many people are already fully aware of this story as it spans around 58 books and has been around longer than some of the readers have been alive. To see it brought to the small screen is no doubt going to be something that many people will be excited to see since it will stand as a stride forward for those that continue to insist that they’re not being given a fair shake in life.

In terms of a fantasy story, there aren’t really a lot of rules other than those that have been developed that can guide an author when creating a great story. That means a fantasy world such as Valdemar can easily exist and will likely be given several rules within its confines concerning magic and the many kingdoms that are going to be revealed at one point. But one big hope is that when the show does make its way to the small screen, it will be shown in a light that is both fair and honest since the LGBTQ+ community is worthy of respect and dignity at the very least, and if they desire their own stories that detail their lifestyle then it’s easy to say that yes, it should happen. Does it mean that other stories are going to be less important or popular? Nope, not in the least bit, since we can all have our favorite stories, idols, and fantasy settings and not have to worry about what one person finds appealing or what another person sees as troubling.

It does feel that this show will be looked at and commented on by those that don’t want to see such a thing, but it’s also a desire to see a story told so with all due respect, haters can step back in their lane and either watch another fantasy story be transferred to the small screen with the hope of success, or ignore it and go on their way. It might be interesting to find out just how the world of Valdemar works and how magic might differ in this world from other fantasy realms. After all, every author comes up with something a little different and what’s really intriguing is to see how each author’s mind works in relation to what they’ve seen, heard, and experienced in their lives. It already feels as though exclusion is going to be one of the biggest problems in this story since it would appear that the eradication of magic is a big deal in this world, which could symbolize something or be a simple part of the story that the author is trying to push.

Reading too much into the story and dismissing it entirely are sins that a lot of people are bound to commit since again, the idea of a fantasy story that caters more to the LGBTQ+ community is something that could be interesting to a lot of people that are looking for something new. One thing to remember is that a story is always valid until it’s not, which is to say that so long as someone thinks it is, then it is. This might be interesting to see as it develops into something.

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