LGBTQ Animated Short “In a Heartbeat” is a Must See and Here it Is

LGBTQ Animated Short “In a Heartbeat” is a Must See and Here it Is

LGBTQ Animated Short “In a Heartbeat” is a Must See and Here it Is

Right away this is a cute and engaging film that would have a lot of people supporting it and just as many, if not more, up in arms about its content and the fact that it is showing two little boys falling in love. While the message of the cartoon is clear it also would be torn apart for the sheer audacity of claiming the two young boys could possibly know at this point in their lives that they are in any way homosexual. The argument to this is that the body and mind, and especially the heart, know how to react in the manner they feel. Age is obviously not a factor that is as easily determined as others are. The issue here really though would be that cartoons cater to children a lot, and in this case the cartoon is sending the message that following one’s heart is the best thing to do as it allows a person to be who they really are.

What do I think? I think that at such a young age the heart is a fickle thing and tends to get distracted very easily, be the child homo or heterosexual. Expressing love can be very real, but it can also be very transitory.

The film is quite simple but gets right to the point.

The redheaded boy has an immediate crush on the dark-haired boy and his heart is pumping a mile a minute and is demanding that he goes to say hello. The fear of being discovered however is keeping the redhead at bay and refusing to move forward. His heart however will not be denied. This speaks a lot to what people want versus what they fear about society. A lot of LGBTQ individuals are still scared to be found out in certain circles despite the current era being at least a little more evolved than the decades prior.

The breaking of the heart is symbolic to how many LGBTQ members still feel when coming out in public.

Old school values and behaviors towards the LGBTQ community are still held and practiced by many individuals throughout the world. The LGBTQ community still suffers a lot of displeasure from society in some regions and can’t be free to be who they are without intense scrutiny. In this instance the redheaded boy allows fear to push him away even as his heart is demanding that he and the other boy remain together. The breaking of the heart is the heartache that people feel when society judges them and they are denied the happiness they so desire.

Thankfully the other boy comes around and realizes that he has feelings for the redheaded boy as well. It is then that he finds him outside and seeks to mend his heart. When this happens it becomes obvious that they are meant for one another, and thus they become a pair whose hearts beat as one.

Honestly my only issue with this video is the use of kids and the delicate feelings that they are experiencing. It is a pure and innocent love, but like I said, love is fickle, and childhood is a great spoiler of many wonderful things. If they’d been depicted as adults it might have seemed a little more realistic. But whomever your heart chooses, that’s usually the best way to go.


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