What Movie to Watch Instead of “A Quiet Place”

When “A Quiet Place” first came out, it was an exciting new concept that hasn’t really been done before. Essentially, if these creatures hear you, they will kill you. While we think the movie had a great plot, it could have been executed in a more exciting way. However, we have a movie that contains it all; horror, suspense, and the terror of silence. There are plenty of people who watched “A Quiet Place” and loved it. However, there are those of us who feel like it was a little underwhelming. If you felt the same, then consider giving “Hush” a view. “Hush” is a movie that focuses on a writer who recently moved into the wilderness for peace and solitude. Her family is worried about her living alone in this desolate location, especially since she is deaf. That’s right, the main character cannot hear a thing. As she is home alone, she looks outside to see a masked man who essentially tells her that he will be terrorizing her before killing her. He has an advantage that she doesn’t; he can hear her. She must find a way to escape this real-life nightmare to evade this serial killer.

“Hush” VS “A Quiet Place”

In “A Quiet Place“, the goal is to stay silent so that the creatures do not hear you. Though the plot has so much potential, there is a lot wrong with this movie. First of all, the creatures really aren’t that scary. It more so looks like something a kindergartner would draw to describe the monster in their closet. One hugely annoying thing we noticed was the inconsistencies. Sometimes, it seemed like the tiniest noise could bring out the monsters from miles away. In other scenes, a character would be heavily breathing right next to the creature without it hearing them. We found that overall, there were more questions than answers. For example, why would you want to have a loud, screaming baby in a time where creatures will literally kill anything that makes a sound? If you are someone who can easily pick up on plot holes and inconsistencies, this movie may drive you crazy.

“Hush” is a movie that makes sense from start to finish. In fact, you can hear Maddie’s (Kate Siegel) thoughts throughout the movie, giving reasoning why certain actions would be a poor decision. Unlike “A Quiet Place”, this movie is incredibly consistent and does a great job of keeping you on your toes. Rather than a comically subpar monster doing the stalking, you see a real-life human. In one scene, he removes his mask as a way to say “you have seen what I look like now, so I have to kill you.” For most of us, humans with a thirst to kill random victims are a lot more terrifying than unrealistic CGI monsters. Though the plot is different in both of the movies, there are similarities worth noting. Most notably, it focuses on how one of the five senses could be fatal for the characters. Both movies have a unique concept on the “cat-and-mouse” type of horror movies. In “Hush”, she cannot hear the threats rather than the noise itself being the main threat. So, if that concept is intriguing to you, you will likely enjoy “Hush”.

Why We Loved “Hush”

“Hush” came out prior to “A Quiet Place”, so it is a first of its kind when it comes to a horror movie that has a “loss of sound” element. Most people have a fear, or would be afraid, if someone outside of their home were terrorizing them. Even if you don’t suffer from hearing loss, you can take that fear and multiply it to a level that is truly terrifying. Because “Hush” is in the horror genre without the SciFi aspect, it is a good movie to watch if you want to have that true chilled-to-the-bone feeling as you watch. Right from the beginning, you get a clear picture of who Maddie is, what her goals are, and some pieces of her life. You care about her right from the beginning and feel that important tie to the character that makes you want her to make it out alive. As soon as the killer (John Gallagher Jr.) arrives, you get many clues into what his goals are as well. He doesn’t have a motive other than to be someone who brings terror to innocent people’s lives. All in all, we love that “Hush” is a suspenseful horror movie with a unique plot that delivers.

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