What is William Shatner’s Net Worth in 2022?

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He’s one of the most iconic actors in all of Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean that the entire world is on board with William Shatner as a person. It seems that the former Captain Kirk doesn’t get along well with his former Star Trek costars – and it’s been more than sixty years since they originally worked together. The show was a raging success – so much so that it has been given more than a few newer adaptations – and it put names like William Shatner, George Takei, and Leonard Nimoy on the map. While the press still discusses their names at length so many years later, it’s William Shatner and his success we want to discuss. What was William Shatner’s net worth in 2022, and how did he get where he is now? As of 2022, William Shatner’s net worth is a shocking $100 million, but it wasn’t always.

How Old is William Shatner?

Perhaps the one thing that many people forget is that William Shatner is a man who turns 92 in 2023. He was born on March 12, 1931, and it’s shocking to realize he’s already reached this age. He’s a man who continues to act, works regularly, and just returned from outer space – literally. Surely, no one would allow a man in his 90s to travel to space when even NASA requires such exceptional physical health before even allowing a person to consider space travel?

William Shatner was born in Canada in 1931. He’s from a small Quebec area called Notre-Dame-de-Grace, located in Montreal. What many find amazing is that he is the second-born child in a family of three, and all of his siblings are alive and well. Longevity is a thing in his family. His older sister was born in 1928, and she’s thriving. His youngest sister is in her early 80s, as she was born in 1940.

When Did William Shatner Begin Acting?

He was a student in college when he landed his first role as an actor. He was cast in a comedic drama in Canada. It was called The Butler’s Night Off, and it opened a door for him. He knew that it was a situation he wanted to pursue, so he studied theater, focused on his career, and he made it happen. Shatner landed a Broadway role in Tamburlaine in 1956, and that was that. He landed his role as Captain Kirk on Star Trek in 1966, and it changed the game for him.

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Finding Work in the 70s

Sadly, 1969 was the end of Star Trek. Despite being one of the most popular shows in history, it wasn’t at the time. It wasn’t well-received, and it was canceled after three seasons. William Shatner found it difficult to find work at that point. He was typecast following that role, and things did not look promising. Things were so bad for Shatner that he was flat broke – he had no home, no money, and he had no jobs.

He was living in his vehicle, and it would take him a long time to make guest appearances and take any job necessary to find income and success. It would take a few years before he would land any notable work, but it happened. To this day, Star Trek and his iconic roles in Boston Legal and The Practice are the roles that define him as a success – but he doesn’t watch himself perform.

William Shatner Hasn’t Always Been A Hollywood Favorite

As we mentioned previously, not everyone likes William Shatner, and it turns out that opinion is widespread. From his Star Trek costars disliking him to a New York Times writer essentially calling him a man who ‘showed up on time, knew his lines, worked cheap, and always answered his phone’ rather than a talented actor to his Star Trek feuds, it seems he’s had his share of trouble.

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Is William Shatner Married?

No, he is not. He was, though…four times. He shares three children with his first wife, Gloria. They were married in 1956, and they were divorced in 1969. He married his second wife in 1973, and she would become his longest wife. They divorced in 1996. He married his third wife in 1997 but found her lifeless at the bottom of their pool after an accidental drowning in 1999. He married his fourth wife in 2001, and their divorce was finalized in 2020.

William Shatner might be a man who is constantly criticized by others in the business, but we think his net worth speaks for itself. Being the man with $100 million in the bank is not a bad place to be for William Shatner, and we highly doubt he spends too much time worrying about how others see him. His almost 92, wealthy as can be, and living his best life. What’s the problem?

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