What is Nadya Suleman AKA “Octomom” Up to These Days?

Adam Popescu of The New York Times makes it more than apparent that public opinion is something that is quick to turn sour on those that seem to embody everything we can’t stand in one another. In the case of Nadya Suleman, or the Octomom though, Adam tends to at least try to set the record straight. To be honest there is a lot of he said/she said that goes on when it comes to how she brought her children to term by way of IVF, or in vitro fertilization, but it’s a matter of who you want to believe and who’s story sounds more convincing at this point considering that this mess started up years ago. Since then Suleman has taken on multiple tales of gossip and rumor that have painted her not only as a horrible person but an unfit mother. While a lot of this is debatable whether a lot of folks like it or not, Access has this interesting take on it below:

To hear that she’s actually taken responsibility for any actions that she took after giving birth to eight kids at once is a positive thing, but to think that anyone having 14 kids is a good and balanced thing is something that makes a lot of people shake their heads and wonder about her mental stability. Honestly, just having three or four kids these days is a lot to deal with, and having any more almost guarantees that someone is going to get left out or will have to be raised by a sibling or another family member for part of their lives. But instead of passing judgment on Nadya this piece is more about showing what she’s doing and how the family has been doing for the past decade. In truth, it would seem that they’re doing just fine.

As it was said in the video she’s now a counselor and does seem to have her life together for the most part, though the claims of PTSD, while not necessarily false, seem a bit extraneous since she did bring some of the attention on herself at times. But barring that she seems to have a good life with her kids in their three-bedroom home. One thing that she definitely has going for her is that she is an educated woman, but again it has to be said that this is hard to fathom when it comes down to the decision she made to have so many kids since paying for just a few is expensive enough, but paying for all of them, food, clothing, and any and all extra costs, is something that’s hard to think about. Even going to Goodwill and bargain stores would be costly, though thankfully food banks don’t tend to turn people away. For all that being said however it does appear that the family is doing well and putting aside any and all criticisms, that seems to bode well for them since it indicates that despite everything, especially public opinion, she’s managed to find some happiness in her children and they’ve grown up to be well-adjusted kids.

As Tricia Goss from The Delite points out, Nadya did suffer a few miscarriages when she was younger, so it does seem as though her desire to become a mom was almost derailed. But that didn’t stop her from trying again and eventually having an entire brood of her own. Think about it, when these kids get old enough she could have her own team regardless of what sport she picked. Okay that was a lame joke that’s been made many times, but it’s entirely true since having 14 kids does mean that you have a lot of people to rely on, teach, help to grow, and in some regards to depend on when you have a bad day or just need someone there to snuggle with. She has no shortage of kids that would like a bit of her time to be honest and from the pictures and videos that are being circulated over the internet there are plenty of moments in which she and her kids fully enjoy one another.

It’s very easy to get swept up in the herd mentality that is created by public opinion since it only takes one or a few voices to say something that will be picked up and repeated in a dozen different ways concerning an individual. Nadya did have great motives in wanting to be a mother and it wasn’t just to get attention. But like many folks that get this kind of attention a lot of it turned negative the moment it was found out that she had so many children and no job. As of now though it would seem that she and her kids are doing just fine and are quite comfortable despite the fact that living space is a little hard to come by at times.

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