What I’m Looking Forward To Most For DC Fandome

What I’m Looking Forward To Most For DC Fandome

Due to everyone being bound by the shackles of quarantine, the joy of comic-con won’t be taking place. This is probably the worst news ever for comic geeks like me, but fortunately, we’re getting some compensation. In place of San Diego Comic-con, DC will be hosting a virtual event of their own. This is an unexpected and great way for DC to step up to the plate, especially with the world’s current situation. Everyone, including me, really needs some new reveals on upcoming projects, because our time in quarantine has been just boring. Simply put, but totally true.

This event will be taking place later this month and there’s only one thing to do while we wait: speculate. What can we expect to see when we tune in for this virtual con? The short answer is a lot, but I’m hoping for something more unexpected. If I had to guess, I’d say many fans are expecting the expected. For the upcoming DC movies we know are coming in 2021, it’s safe to assume that DC Fandome will show us some trailers. The first official one will most likely be for The Suicide Squad, considering it completed filming before the national lockdown, and the next one might be a teaser for The Batman. Man, it’s amazing how just adding the word “the” can do for your movie title, right?

Let’s keep in mind that while The Suicide Squad is still keeping it’s original release date, The Batman was delayed until next October. This is evidently due to Covid, but despite the setback, they still probably have some footage to show. Right now, we don’t need an official trailer, but we won’t say no to a quick teaser. I picture it similar to the first teaser for The Dark Knight. No bodies were shown, but we heard everyone talking, especially Heath Ledger’s Joker, and it ended with his maniacal laughter. The Batman teaser should be us hearing Robert Pattinson’s Batman talking with Andy Serkis’ Alfred, and should end with Paul Dano’s Riddler telling a riddle. Oh, and I’m dying to hear what Colin Farrell’s Penguin sounds like. I mean, that accent is killer.

Yes, I’m also dying to see an official trailer for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. If I’m being honest, I just really want to see how King Shark looks. He was originally supposed to take Killer Croc’s spot in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, but he went with Croc because he didn’t want a fully CGI character. Understandable, but Killer Croc’s presence didn’t really help his film. And yes, we need a legitimate Suicide Squad movie to help us forget about that hot mess we got in 2016. I have faith in James Gunn, but an official trailer would help lift everyone’s spirits. Man, I’m glad they finished filming it right before lockdown.

So now that I’ve covered the expected, let’s talk about the unexpected. I can’t talk about the upcoming DC Fandome event without talking about Henry Cavill returning as Superman. Rumors are spreading and fans are excited. I’ve always been a big supporter of Cavill’s Superman and I was massively disappointed when I read he dropped out of the role. Now the reports are claiming that he’s simply “in talks” for returning. That can mean several things, but everyone just really wants to know if we’ll be getting Man of Steel 2. I mean, he’s Superman after all, so how can you not give him another solo movie?

Personally, I just really want Cavill to return. If he is going to come back just for supporting roles, then it will only enhance his character development to pump us up for Man of Steel 2. He can help Shazam fight Black Adam or build his friendship with Wonder Woman, but we need our Superman back.

But wait, what about Batman? In a most unexpected turn, reports have claimed that Michael Keaton will be reprising his role as Batman. He won’t be getting his own movie again, but he’ll apparently be fighting alongside Ezra Miller’s Flash in the Flashpoint movie. Now this can be interesting. Flashpoint is all about opening the door for a multiverse, which makes Keaton’s Batman possible to interact with Miller’s Flash. I can honestly picture his Batman as the older, wise mentor to younger heroes, rather than the young crimefighter he was in the past movies. Keaton was severely overshadowed by the villains in those movies, so including him in future DCEU movies can really give him a chance to shine.

I also need to talk about the Flash movie because this project has made me curious. It’s been through unbearable drama, most notably the number of directors that have dropped out. Not a good sign, but it seems Andy Muschietti is on to stay. I hope so, but the elephant in the room is the Flash himself, Ezra Miller. Not too long ago, Miller was caught on video getting into an altercation with a female fan. Old news, but what’s odd is that Warner Bros. or Miller have yet to have comment on it. Is he still attached to the project? Having him on could jeopardize the project’s future, but personally, I hope it still happens. Maybe Miller can bounce back from that incident, but if they just expect everyone to forget about it, it could mean bad news for the Flash movie.

Either way, I hope DC Fandome gives us some news on it. That movie seems like it’s basically cursed, due to the multiple delays. Speaking of which, there is another long-awaited DC project that I hope regains its momentum. Anyone else remember when the Green Lantern Corps movie was supposed to come out this year? Yeah, I was kind of hoping for that, too. If we’re going to have a DCEU, we need Green Lantern. Based on the rumors I’ve read, the project is still happening, surprisingly enough. If these rumors are true, then I would love to see some sort of announcement at DC Fandome. I still remember the rumors that claimed Zack Snyder was eyeing Armie Hammer for the role of Hal Jordan. If there’s some truth to this, then we might see a cameo at least of him in the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

If that happens, then the Green Lantern Corps movie can finally become a reality. We just might see Armie Hammer tune in and talk about it. If it seems like I’m stretching, just remember that the point of a con is to make big announcements. Why stop there? It’s been confirmed that DC is moving forward with solo films for Raven and Zatanna. The Fandome event can possibly give us some casting announcements. As of right now, I’m not sure who to cast for either of those roles, but just including them in the DCEU intrigues me. If they’re introducing more characters, that means the DCEU will grow. Plus, that means the Teen Titans and Justice League Dark would be on the way.

This doesn’t just have to be about movies. If you’re still waiting for the next Batman: Arkham game, your patience just might finally pay off. That’s another DC project that we’ve been promised for years, and we’re all still waiting. That’s one of my favorite game franchises ever and I’m dying for a sequel. And you know what? It doesn’t have to be a Batman game. It can be in the “Arkhamverse” but they can tackle new characters. How about a Suicide Squad game or a Deathstroke one? Rumors have been hinting at it for a while now and I think DC Fandome can finally give us some concrete answers.

What are you guys expecting to see at DC Fandome? The event will take place on August twenty-second, so be sure to really quarantine yourselves on that day and tune in. Let’s hope for the best news, DC fans.

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