Five Things You Didn’t Know About The Russo Brothers

Five Things You Didn’t Know About The Russo Brothers

Marvel superhero movies are some of the most entertaining, commercially successful, and critically acclaimed movies in today’s film industry. While some of this success can be attributed to the great source material, much of it has to do with directing. Some of the franchise’s most successful films, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War were directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. The brothers are set to direct the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel.

Although fans understandably know the duo best for their work with these blockbuster superhero films, their background is actually highly interesting. Here are five of the most interesting facts about the Russo brothers.

5. They are not the only members of their family in show business

Being related to the Russo brothers could not have been easy, given their incredible success. However, their sister Angela has forged her own career in television. She has worked as a producer and writer on highly popular series like V and Trust Me. While she may not be able to boast the international smash hits that her older brothers have directed, she obviously shares the same skill behind the scenes as her brothers.

4. They are not just directors

While they are best known for their incredible directing abilities, the Russo brothers have also taken on other roles in major productions. In addition to directing, they are skilled producers, writers, and even actors. Perhaps most notably, Joe appeared in both Captain America films that the brothers directed as an actor.

3. They are helping young filmmakers

It would be easy for individuals like the Russo brothers, who have achieved incredible success with films bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars, to become arrogant. However, the directing duo have managed to keep a grounded perspective and be grateful for the opportunities they had.

For this reason, they are choosing to help future filmmakers. They have created a program called The Russo Brothers Italian American Film Forum and will be handing out $7500 to young filmmakers who are able to create a picture about the experiences of Italian-Americans.

2. They got their big break thanks to comedies

Although the brothers are best known for their work on Marvel blockbusters, they would not have achieved such success without first directing some comedic shows. Their work on Arrested Development and Community was instrumental in getting their foot in the door of the superhero industry. Apparently, the now-famous paintball episode from Community motivated Kevin Feige to contact the brothers about directing their first Captain America film.

1. They created their first film with less than $10,000 

The Russo brothers may be Hollywood royalty today, but their career had humble beginnings. While the two were studying at Case Western Reserve University, they decided to make an attempt at directing and producing. In order to complete the project, they maxed out credit cards and used student loans.

The result was a crime feature Pieces. Amazingly, after presenting the film at a festival, they were contacted by the esteemed Steven Soderbergh. He offered to produce a film for the brothers, which allowed them to start working in Hollywood.

Final Thoughts

The Russo brothers are some of the most sought-after and talented directors in the film industry today. Despite their enormous success, however, they are grounded and work to help aspiring filmmakers achieve their dreams. This is perhaps due to the fact that their careers began with nothing more than a modest short film and a great opportunity. With the brothers set to direct the next two installments in the Avengers franchise, it is safe to say that Marvel’s unprecedented success will only gain more steam in the years to come.

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