What a Former James Bond Director Thinks about The Franchise’s Future

What a Former James Bond Director Thinks about The Franchise’s Future

If one is going by the words of Martin Campbell it might be a little while until we get to see another chapter of James Bond appear on the big screen. If anyone is wondering why they might have had their eyes and ears covered for the last year or so since the pandemic hit and everything started getting delayed. No Time to Die wasn’t spared any more than any other movie, as it’s been delayed time and again and at this point is still being waited on as Daniel Craig has already announced that he’ll be moving on after this movie. That means that another James Bond needs to be found and broken in to make the next movie possible, and it still doesn’t sound as though that has happened yet. There are several picks that many people feel would be a great fit for the super spy, but as of yet, it sounds as though nothing has really stuck firmly enough to make it work. Some want Bond to be a person of color, others want a female Bond, but very few are of the mind that there might be an option APART from another Bond. Campbell had this to say per We Got This Covered:

“I think, at the moment, the studio is determined to get the one that’s been sitting on the shelf for a year and a half, whatever it is, to get that out. And, normally, Bond’s cycle is two years or three years. Every two years, it used to be a new Bond would come out. I think with Daniel Craig going, I think with the one that they’ve got on the shelf that I think is coming out the end of October, I’m not sure, but they’ve given a date for it and they’ve had two false starts already.

So I think they’ll get that out and then they’ll just take a big deep breath and it’ll probably be maybe another three years before the next one comes out because they have to cast a new Bond and that takes some breaking in. And it has to be scripted and everything else. So, now that Daniel’s gone, of course, where do you go with it? That’s the other question.”

That is a good question really, where the Bond franchise will go since over the years things have been getting bigger and then condensing and then getting bigger again. One has to wonder how much more elasticity this story has before it’s simply time to move on and retire Bond for good. That almost sounds blasphemous, doesn’t it? A lot of people would come out of the woodwork to wonder why such a thought might cross a person’s mind, but the reason is pretty simple, even if the world is not enough, yes that was intended, Bond has definitely exhausted his options over the years and at this point is starting to tell the same story over and over. Bond is a complicated person yet he’s put up with it for one reason or another because he’s the best spy around, and the only guy that can go after the bad guy intent on doing something evil because, well, reasons.

Honestly, any movie can be broken down in this manner these days since the same old themes are being used again and again and there are times when they’re used in a way that is great since it brings the story to life and does justice to the theme that’s being used. Then there are times when a person can plot the movie before even watching it since they already know what’s going to happen in some sense given that they’ve seen the same story layout before. Granted, there will be differences, but they’ll be so minor when thinking about how the story is formed that they won’t really be much of a surprise. Sadly, that’s how Bond movies are becoming and have been for a while to be certain. If something truly new were to happen it might be enough to keep the story invigorating and sharp enough to keep the tale of Bond, or perhaps his predecessor, from fading out eventually. As of now, all that’s keeping this from happening is the demand that the fans have for the continued existence of the character.

For one reason or another, a lot of people aren’t ready for a world without Bond yet, and despite the idea that he might need to be retired finally, it’s more likely that he’s going to keep being reinvented again and again until people are finally tired of the franchise if that ever happens. Every story does need to have a stopping point, not necessarily an end, so as to keep the legend alive but not risk driving it into the ground.a world without Bond

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