Why James Bond Fans Shouldn’t Fear Amazon’s Takeover of MGM

Why James Bond Fans Shouldn’t Fear Amazon’s Takeover of MGM

The recent acquisition of MGM by Amazon has left many fans and insiders concerned about the future of the James Bond franchise. Bond writer John Logan is among those who worry that the essence of what makes Bond unique might be in jeopardy under the control of a massive corporation. However, is this fear justified, or is it simply a case of paranoia? Let’s dive into the issue and explore why Bond fans shouldn’t be too worried about Amazon’s takeover.

Understanding the Concerns

It’s natural for people to worry about a franchise when it’s taken over by another corporate entity, as Amazon has done with MGM and its properties. John Logan’s concerns stem from the fact that huge corporations have been known to tear apart family-oriented franchises like James Bond. He cites the example of Disney’s takeover of Lucasfilm, which led to several changes in the Star Wars franchise that many fans didn’t appreciate. However, there were also positives that emerged from the acquisition.

Logan’s concerns are understandable, but some of his worries might be rooted in paranoia. In a statement per GeekTyrant, he emphasizes the family business aspect of the Bond franchise and the collaborative nature of the creative process. He fears that Amazon’s involvement might disrupt this dynamic.

Why the Fear Might Be Unfounded

While Logan’s concerns are valid, it’s important to remember that not all Bond fans might agree with his assessment of the franchise. The recent Bond movies have been successful at the box office, but there are still fans who believe that the franchise could use some fresh ideas. Amazon’s acquisition of MGM might shake things up, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be detrimental to the franchise.

If anything, potential failures could serve as a reminder to Amazon that tampering with a proven formula isn’t always a good idea. This might inspire further greatness for the franchise. Change is inevitable, and sometimes it comes with a trial and error phase. However, the fear that Bond will be destroyed by Amazon is likely exaggerated.

Learning from Other Franchises

The Ghostbusters 2016 movie and the Star Wars sequel trilogy are examples of franchises that faced backlash but still managed to move forward. Both franchises have used old elements to create new stories that continue to entertain fans. The same is possible with Bond, so stressing out over Amazon’s involvement might be unnecessary.

As a writer, it’s normal to worry about one’s creation and whether it will be altered if someone else takes control. However, Amazon could potentially be a step up for the Bond franchise after a period of adjustment. It’s not guaranteed to be perfect, but even Bond can’t claim to be perfect all the time. Logan and other concerned parties should remember that stories need to evolve in order to remain relevant and engaging. A story that can’t change is one that will eventually be forgotten.

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