What We’ve Learned about the “Scare Tactics” Revival

What We’ve Learned about the “Scare Tactics” Revival

What We’ve Learned about the “Scare Tactics” Revival

Scare tactics used to be a prank based reality show that appeared on the SyFy channel in the early 2000s and then on the Chiller network toward the latter years of the show. The show lasted for 5 seasons and it ran intermittently from 2003 to 2013. There were a total of 114 episodes throughout that 10 year span. Hosts such as Shannen Doherty and Stephen Baldwin were featured on the program during its first few seasons. However, this show is closely linked to the comedic host, Tracy Morgan, who helped to shoot up its ratings.

When Scare Tactics was on air it was a huge hit. Many people tuned in to the program to watch unsuspecting people get the living crap scared out of them. That was the premise of the show. A friend of the victims would set them up to be pranked by the crew of Scare Tactics. There were many different situations that the victims and some of the pranks were just downright terrifying. On some episodes people were so frightened that they were literally ready to fight to the death for survival.

Keep in mind that the pranks were set up in a controlled environment and that the show itself had to let people know to a certain degree that something was going on. However, the victims were clueless about what could possibly go wrong. Also, when the victims look like they could no longer distinguish reality from fiction or if they were scared out of their mind; the Scare Tactics team would then state the phrase “Are you scared? You shouldn’t be. You’re on scare tactics.” This was like a safety phrase to keep people from going over the edge.

The show did very well in terms of ratings when it was first released. Many viewers tuned in to watch it on a regular basis. However, the show started to lose its appeal sometime around 2010 and by 2013 it was over. Since its departure, no one had clamored for the show but could watch reruns of the program that featured host Tracy Morgan.

“Scare Tactics” is independently owned and controlled by my company, LikeMineDid Media. I — and team at Blumhouse TV — will be redeveloping the show together before taking it to new potential distribution partners,” said Scott Hallock.

Producers Scott Hallock and Kevin Healey created the original show but this time around Scott Hallock is expected to produce the show with a horror company called Blumhouse Televsion. Blumhouse is known for their work on films such as The Purge, Get Out and Whiplash. This horror movie production company is going to create the eerie special effects and background for the new Scare Tactics show. This should help to elevate the program to a whole different level of terror.

It is not clear if Tracy Morgan will reprise his role as the show’s host. However, if he does, people can expect his great humor to make the show more entertaining. Scare Tactics is going to also have more surprises and scares in store for viewers. The pranks seem like they are going to be taken to a new level and people should expect to be genuinely scared.

Some of the pranks were terrifying because they took ordinary real life situations and turned them into a real life nightmare. That is one of the reasons why this show did so well. As of August 2017, the show is still being developed and an air date has not been set. However, fans can expect to see this show in the near future once everything is in order. Are you scared? You should be, because the Scare Tactics Revival is coming.



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