Babish Recreates the ‘Sundae’ from SpongeBob SquarePants in Real Life

One thing that Spongebob is NOT, obviously, is an effective cook, but thankfully Babish is. But apparently even Babish can’t make an ice cream that’s made out of onions taste all that great. He gets a lot of points for trying though since many people might look at these ingredients and simply shake their heads. Of course, it’s not a good idea to eat dirt unless one happens to enjoy inviting parasites and other things into their body, but thankfully this was for show and Babish wasn’t about to dine on soil just for our amusement. But his recreation of the sundae from Spongebob is still enough to make some people cringe since the idea of onion ice cream is a little odd, as is tomato, and beetroot. Macha and peanut butter are a little more acceptable to the palette of many diners, but to others, it’s a bit awkward. But this is Spongebob that the desert is being based on, so it’s easy to think that awkward and strange are terms that are par for the course. The show itself is an oddity that has been popular for a while now thanks to the fact that it’s a brainless cartoon for kids, but some of the culinary pieces that have come from it are definitely seen in modern-day life since people have a fascination with pop culture and everything that goes into it and comes from it.

Out of the many dishes that Babish has made, this is perhaps one of the strangest, but at least he was able to make something equivalent to the dish so that people could see just how thinking outside of this particular box works. It’s a bit of a wonder that he didn’t do this with the Simpsons crayon sandwich, but then again it’s hard to imagine just what he might use in place of crayons other than some sort of cheese and food coloring that might simulate the different colors. Babish is obviously very creative, but even he appears to hit his limit now and again with what he can or will do with any given dish. With this one, he definitely did his best to create something that was a little more appetizing, but at the same time, there had to be something rattling around in the back of his mind that told him that this wasn’t bound to be all that great when it was done. Plus, trying to add chocolate syrup to onion ice cream doesn’t even sound good, and it sounds even worse when talking about beetroot and tomato. In a way, this almost sounds like what pregnant women might find appetizing when they get their strange cravings. No offense to pregnant women, but there are those that get some truly strange cravings at certain points in their pregnancy, and this could be one of the recipes that might satisfy a very hungry, and possibly hormonal, woman since let’s be honest, pregnant women are not to be messed with when their hormones start acting wonky. But this dish might just be enough to calm those feelings since not only would it, hopefully, satisfy a hunger need, it would likely satisfy an emotional need since ice cream has a way of doing this that’s absolutely uncanny.

The rancid sundae that Spongebob was about to eat was something that shouldn’t be wished on anyone’s worst enemy, let alone someone you actually like. But the first equivalent, a giant bowl of ketchup with onions and a peanut plant, was just as foul. Many people don’t even like ketchup since a lot of brands use an insane amount of sugar in their products, which is why it tastes so good to some folks and is rancid to others. But onions, hoo boy, there’s a way to make sure that no one comes near for a while. Onions, much like garlic, are a good way to practice social distancing since the moment someone that’s been eating either one breathes on you the need to get away as quickly as possible and maintain shouting distance is something that many people would agree is the best course of action given how strong the smell from both can be. When coupled with anything else that a person has been eating and whatever bad breath they might have had to start with, onions can be one of the worst smelling things in the world. An onion slathered with ketchup might be even worse since there would be a hint of sweetness to the stench that would only increase it somehow.

All in all, Babish has come up with some very interesting ideas since he started up, and hopefully, he won’t stop for a long time. But wow, there are some dingers in there and it’s amazing to think that some folks will want to try the worst of them.

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