10 Things You Didn’t Know about Weston Richey

Love Island is one of the most popular reality shows on the planet. It’s a lot like The Bachelor, except contestants don’t have to get married at the end of the show. In 2019, Weston Richey appeared on the first season of the American version of the show and took the reality television world by storm. Although he would end up finishing fourth place, he left an impression on viewers, and there are a few things you might be surprised you didn’t know about him.

1. He’s genuinely looking for love

So many people who end up on these types of shows seem to have questionable motives. It gets to the point where you start to wonder if any of the things you’re watching are remotely in touch with reality or if the entire thing is just one big scripted soap opera. About the time you’re ready to stop watching these types of things altogether, you end up seeing someone like Weston Richey, who somehow, as hard as it seems to be, manages to restore your faith in some of these shows, at least for the time being. He claims that he’s genuinely looking for love and for a while, he found it in Emily Salch.

2. Weston Richey is also a photographer

Weston Richey

In addition to being a skilled carpenter, he’s also a professional photographer and videographer. As a matter of fact, he is self-employed and routinely takes professional photographs and attends weddings or other large events in order to create video footage of those events for his customers. Since he left Love Island (USA), he’s founded a production company Xclusiv Productions and works with clients all over the world.

3. He’s a skilled carpenter

Who wouldn’t want to date a guy capable of building a house? In this particular case, that is precisely what he can do, as he built his own home. That’s definitely a skill that comes in handy, and it’s one that he can use to generate a decent source of income if the need arises, though it would be unnecessary.

4. He’s from Texas

Weston Richey

On the show, Weston was fond of wearing jeans, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. It’s not just an act. He’s from Texas and he does embrace the lifestyle that exists within much of the state, being a true cowboy at heart.

5. He’s from one of the biggest cities in Texas

Weston Richey is from Dallas, Texas. If you’ve never been there, it’s not exactly like you might be imagining it. Granted, Texas is a prominent place and Dallas is a big city, but there are plenty of things to do there, and they don’t all involve herding cattle or riding horses. While there is some of that, many people consider it a cultural stronghold within the state of Texas and for the United States in general.

6. Weston and Emily Dated Long After Long Island was Over

Weston Richey with Emily on Love Island

The standard expectation is that pairing up on reality shows like Love Island is for the camera, but sometimes it’s real. At least in the case of Weston Richey and Emily, it was. After crashing out in fourth place, they continued to date and were together throughout 2019. However, they eventually parted ways in 2020. After breaking up and reuniting a few times, they ended their relationship for good.

7. He also has another career going for him

It probably won’t surprise you all that much to learn that besides everything he’s already involved in, he’s also a model. After all, he has the body for it and he seems to have the personality as well.

8. He tells bad jokes

Weston Richey

Granted, whether or not a joke is good is subjective and the result is in the eye of the beholder. That being said, he seems to have a tendency to tell a lot of jokes that almost everyone would consider less than stellar. If you have any doubts about that, all you need to do is visit his Instagram account. You’ll probably be convinced in no time at all that while he is a talented individual who seems to be sincere in most of his endeavors, he could use a little help when it comes to telling jokes. Perhaps it’s time to just leave the jokes alone altogether and focus on other things.

9. He’s in the habit of using pickup lines

This is something that most people have gotten away from doing, thankfully. But Weston Richey still has faith in the classic dating strategy to get the attention of a woman he’s interested in. Is it working for him? Well, all evidence points to the fact he’s single.

10. He loves a genuine smile

Weston Richey

Who doesn’t love a smile that is both genuine and genuinely beautiful? A good smile is enough to make almost anyone fall for another person, and Weston Richey is no exception. In fact, he says that a good smile is the first thing that he notices about a woman and something that can make him fall for someone, even if he didn’t notice them previously.

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