Wednesday’s Gomez Controversy is Ridiculous. Here’s Why.

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More than a few fans have had their time to talk when it comes to the new Addams Family show that Tim Burton has brought to light, and as of late, it would appear that one change has been bothering people more than anything. The subject of Gomez Addams is odd since, to be completely honest – he’s an odd character. But at the same time, he’s the type of character that many people have come to love since, as the Addams family patriarch, he’s crucial in a way that can’t be denied. While this new show might be centered primarily on Wednesday, who has been given a great deal of interest by the fans and by Burton, the idea of positioning Luis Guzman as the head of the family has caught the eye of a few people, and some folks have been less than pleased. There is a reason behind this, which is nice since otherwise, it would be the nonsensical type of criticism that is seen to emerge regularly and probably wouldn’t be worth talking about. 

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Luis Guzman is an accomplished actor that deserves his respect

It’s important to state that Luiz Guzman has been around for a while and that he is undoubtedly one of the more talented actors in Hollywood. But as great as he’s been over the years, it’s still fair to think that there are some roles that fans will see as sacrosanct after other greats have taken on them. Usually, it’s easy to accept Guzman in any role since he can bring a great deal of comedy to any role and create a great deal of drama that people want to watch at least. But there is something about the role of Gomez that has a lot of people thinking twice about Guzman at this time, no matter how great he can be. There is one name that comes to mind for many fans, while for others, a few different names might come to mind. But the one that tops the list for many people is the late, great Raul Julia, who played the patriarch of the Addams family twice and nailed the role in a way that many would agree was superb. 

Comparing Guzman to Raul Julia isn’t fair

Both men are great actors, and Raul Julia would have undoubtedly been an absolute legend if he were still alive. But attempting to compare them in this one role was expected since Raul turned on the charm in a big way when playing Gomez. To expect Guzman to do the same is highly unfair, but to think he will turn in a satisfactory role is easy. Comparing actors is usually a bad idea from the start, but comparing two men with very different styles isn’t exactly fair, and it’s not a great thing to get into regularly. The truth is that every actor has their own style, and while some will mimic others from time to time, appreciating what they can do and what they bring to a show or movie is a far better idea. 

Raul Julie and Anjelica Huston are hard, if not impossible, to beat in the roles of Gomez and Morticia Addams

credit: Wednesday

The fan reaction to the Addams Family movies that starred Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, Christina Ricci, Christopher Lloyd, and several other noted actors was mixed for the first and second movies. Still, there’s no denying that two gifted actors played the haunting couple that ran the family. Trying to compare Guzman and Catherine Zeta-Jones to these two legendary actors isn’t going to fly in the eyes of many fans, but stating that the two newcomers to the roles will be able to do their own thing is simple since it’s absolutely true. The accomplished nature of those making up this cast is enough to make one think that this show should be viewed as a fine addition to the Addams legend that’s been present in Hollywood for decades now and a great way to move things forward. But as it’s been noted for so long, plenty of people are set on being less than satisfied with various changes. 

Will Guzman be worth remembering in this role? 

That’s a good question, to be fair since some a role such as Gomez Addams is one that a lot of people would rather see fade away into legend rather than be taken on by an actor who will end up butchering the part beyond belief. But again, Guzman is an accomplished individual that knows how to turn in a role, and he should be able to take on the part of Gomez with his own comedic flair. 

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