Will Wednesday Move to Prime Video?

Will Wednesday Move to Prime Video?

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Will Wednesday move to Prime Video? Nothing is for certain yet, but it does appear that an issue with rights to the Addams Family could get in the way of a second season at Netflix. By now, a lot of subscribers know that a series could get dropped at any moment on the platform. This habit formed a while back when Netflix started dropping popular shows from its roster. 

But the fact is that fans quickly embraced Wednesday. This normally doesn’t mean much since Netflix looks at other factors when it comes to keeping a show. But thanks to the dispute of who owns the rights and who can do what, it might happen that Wednesday will switch networks. This is bound to come as a giant disappointment to those who have watched the show, but the upside is that the show isn’t facing cancelation. 

Regardless of how some Addams Family purists might feel, this show has taken off in a way that’s rather interesting. Leaving Netflix wouldn’t likely get the show canceled without fail. But it does stand to reason that if someone else took it over that it might falter a bit. 

Right now the show has a winning formula that is filled with the same snark that people have come to love. It’s also filled with new and far more intense terrors than any Addams movie or show thus far. 

Will Wednesday Move to Prime Video?

credit: Wednesday

Depending upon who holds the rights, Netflix might not have a choice

If Netflix doesn’t hold the rights, then there’s not much choice unless something can happen to keep the show where it is. The loss of Wednesday wouldn’t damage Netflix that much, but it does feel that it would end up as another show that the platform should have held onto somehow. Right now, the show is rolling and needs to stay put. 

It’s amusing to think that some folks were divided on whether this would work. Thus far, the cast has been nearly picture-perfect. One thing that is easy to state is that the initial movie is hard to beat. Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, Christopher Lloyd, Christina Ricci, and the rest of the initial cast brought this family back in a big way. 

It’s easy to wonder if the show would change upon heading to Prime

Given that every platform does things just a little differently in terms of its shows, this is a valid concern. So far, the series is a great deal of fun. Jenna Ortega has created the character of Wednesday in a manner that fans recognize and love. Gomez and Morticia are a bit ‘meh,’ but even they come off as enjoyable. Pugsley could use a little work. 

It is easy to think that not much would change. Moving to Prime would certainly change the platform, but it does feel like the show’s integrity would remain a priority. After all, mucking around with a winning formula is rarely a good idea. Plenty of shows and movies have done this, but it rarely works. 

Will Wednesday Move to Prime Video?

credit: Wednesday

Right now, the show is experiencing a high note

From the first episode to the season finale, this show is highly entertaining. Whatever expectations that one might have had walking into this show were blown away without hesitation. The dynamic between Wednesday and her family took a bit of getting used to, but otherwise, the show is nothing short of intriguing. 

Trying to keep one’s composure as the show moves from one scene to another is kind of tough. The need to laugh, to appear shocked, and to show as little emotion as a possible alternate with plenty of fans. That need to associate with the titular character is strong in this show, but there is a need to recognize that Wednesday has changed a bit. 

Instead of being a snarky young girl that appears to know everything, she’s now a teenager…who appears to know everything. One refreshing note about this show is that there are moments when she appears genuinely surprised. Like it or not, even someone like Wednesday doesn’t know absolutely everything. 

If nothing else, it means that Wednesday is not perfect, and her snark is more of a shield than a core value. 

It is nice to see a familiar face in the series

Seeing that Christina Ricci made it to this series is all kinds of great. One of the best actresses to ever take on the mantle of Wednesday only highlights how great this show is. If it does move to Prime, the big hope is that it won’t change fundamentally. 

Barring that, there won’t be much of an issue since it’s a minor inconvenience if the show stays the same. Switching from Netflix to Prime isn’t that tough, after all, it’s just a small annoyance. 


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