The Last of Us Series Proves One Thing About Game Adaptations

The success of The Last of Us series proves why accuracy is important to video game adaptations. The series is the talk of the town both on the internet and in real life and it’s not difficult to see why. Created by the Chernobyl writer Craig Mazin and game creator Neil Druckmann, this series is one of the most impressive game adaptations to this day.

One thing’s for sure, The Last of Us series owes much of its success to the incredibly faithful adaptation of the original video game. It works well because it respects the source material, and it’s accurate in its adaptation instead of making unnecessary changes to the story. Some say that The Last of Us series might finally break the curse of awful game adaptations, proving that video game fans want their live-action adaptations to stay true to the source materials as much as possible.

The Last of Us Series Works Mostly Because of Its Accuracy to the Source Material

The Last of Us video game

The Last of Us TV series adaptation is very true to the original video game with impressive accuract. Video game fans all around the world were impressed by just how accurate the series is, especially in writing. Much of the show’s script is almost exactly the same as in the game. From faithful dialogues to incredible casting choices, The Last of Us does a phenomenal job of luring you into the cruel post-apocalypse world.

Starting from the obvious, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are the ideal casting choices for the fearless duo – Joel and Ellie. Thanks to their incredible talent and the show’s good writing, Pascal and Ramsey bring these characters to life and make you invested in their journey. With the powerful story and equally fascinating script, the viewers become deeply committed to the complex relationships between characters but also invested in their inner battles.

The show even resembles the video game’s clothing details and props. For instance, in The Last of Us episode 1, we see Sarah wearing The Halican Drops T-shirt, and it is the exact same shirt that her character wears in The Last of Us Part 1 video game. Druckmann’s involvement is probably one of the key reasons why this TV adaptation is such a success and why the creators were able to follow the original story so closely as he was able to carry over his significant knowledge from the game to the series.

The Series Was Not Afraid to Put Its Own Stamp on The Last of Us Lore

The Last of Us accuracy

The Last of Us story is already strong enough as is in the video game, so it’s no wonder that the TV adaptation was able to follow in its footsteps. Mazin, one of the key creators of the project, even said that it’s “the greatest story that has ever been told in video games.”  But that meant that the TV show had huge shoes to fill. Thanks to the talented crew behind it, that’s exactly what they did.

The show did a great job of expanding the story instead of altering it, for example, with Frank and Bill’s story, and allowing fans to spend more time with Sarah before her death. Instead of playing on the surprise factor and changing the script to shock viewers, the series provides more details and background information on crucial events in the games. It also gives us a deeper look into the inner lives of these complex characters and puts their mental health into the spotlight.

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