That Time Candid Camera Pranked Mr. Rogers

It’s worth mentioning the time that Mr. Rogers got pranked by Candid Camera. Out of all the times that Candid Camera got the drop on the people they were out to trick this was the one time when they were actually stumped by the reaction of the guest. The whole trick was that Mr. Rogers was checking into his room and since they were ‘overbooked’ they’d had to for some reason do away with the TV in the room. Mr. Rogers didn’t care. In fact he stated that he’d had enough TV in his life and it didn’t even bother him that there was no TV in the room. Now that alone has got to floor a lot of people since we’ve become so hooked to our TV’s and devices throughout the years that having to do without them is almost like having to do without one of our limbs. But Mr. Rogers didn’t care.

In fact when he was finally told that he was on Candid Camera he got a good laugh out of it and went on to explain just what he believed in and what had carried him through for so long. Mr. Rogers was a true inspiration to kids and to anyone that watched his program since he was a true and honest person that didn’t go in for the flash and the glam that a lot of kids’ shows have done over the years. His name was dragged through the mud a couple of times and he was parodied as a dirty old man more than once but beyond all that he was just a simple person that wanted to make the world a better place for everyone involved and in some way made TV a better learning tool for kids. He was one of the old school individuals that truly cared about the education of the younger generation and the kind of future they could look forward to if they were given the right tools with which to forge their own path in life.

A lot of people attempted to discredit and even embarrass him largely because they didn’t understand his methods and thought him to be a creepy old man. But in truth Mr. Rogers was someone that people looked up to in a way that we haven’t seen since. The kid-based shows that have come after Mr. Rogers have hardly ever been anything that might be deemed as important or even half as influential as his program. It’s not so much that the other shows are worthless, in fact many of them have provided many hours of quality entertainment, but a good many of them are not in the same league as they don’t offer the same educational qualities as Mr. Rogers did in his time.

A lot of can probably still remember watching reruns of his show as children and perhaps enjoying every minute that he took to educate the children that watched. His legacy is something that’s going to live on for a while to come, at least until someone can finally take up the reins and continue the work he started.

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