Big Brother 12 Week Three Eviction Ceremony Recap

Oh. My. God. Tonight’s Big Brother was EPIC!!!! The game is officially on, battle lines have been drawn, and the crazy has been ramped up to to “uncanny insanity”.

Right after Julie Chen greets us, we pick back up where the POV ceremony ended. It is a general consensus in the house that a) Andrew’s plan was as transparent as a Lady Gaga costume and b) that the man is completely insane. While every one give their reactions to Big Brother about what just transpired, Kathy sort of goes into campaign mode by talking about her sick son, who she is in the house fighting for. She first talks to Ragan, who is in awe of her story (as he is with everyone’s story) and later, she talks to Kristen, who praises Kathy for her strength. Andrew, on the other hand doesn’t, take too well to this due to him not having anyone to talk to in the house. He decides to call Kristen out for not being there for him, which throws Kristen for a loop, because she reminds Andrew that they have had little to any conversation with each other. A shouting match ensues as the Houseguests watch in a mix of bewilderment and amusement as Andrew slowly digs his grave with them. After this debacle, the Brigade comes up with a pretty understandable plan (from their point of view), which consists of keeping Andrew (who has a target the size of China on his back) in the house so that the attention would be deflected from them. Good plan, boys! (Keep reading.)

Meanwhile, everyone thinks that Rachel had a hand in Andrew’s lame-brained attempt to keep him in the house, but she didn’t. This little flurb makes Rachel throw mean daggers at Brendon’s head, while the love sick puppy tries to correct his wrong doing so he can get out the dog house.

Julie finally brings us to tonight and hits on some highlights from the week, which include Lane’s hilarious “Give me some “Pop Rocks” line and Enzo and Britney’s language lessons. Enzo’s pronunciation impresses Julie so well that she gives the entire house a slop pass! Congrats, Hamsters! (Keep Reading.)

Big Brother then introduces us to Matt’s wife, Stacy, who voices her opinion on Matt’s strategy, which she thinks lacks “common sense” and deep thought. She also didn’t care for his lie, but played along anyway. Wow.

After interviewing Matt, it’s time for the voting to begin, but after Kathy gives a nice little speech, Andrew makes it his duty to outdo his last infamous speech and completely blindsides everyone by announcing Hayden and Kristen’s showmance and commenting on each and every person’s good or bad vibes. Hayden looks as if he wants to slug Andrew in the face, but Julie saves (or ruins) the prospect of this happening and the votes begin. It’s a landslide and Andrew is sent packing, getting not one sympathy vote from anyone.

After his exit interview with Julie (which consisted of Julie suggesting strategy Andrew should’ve used and he agreeing that he should’ve), we get the goodbye tapes and I wonder if Andrew felt like a fool while watching them, because they were completely genuine. Then Rachel had to ruin it by saying Andrew was coming between her and Brandon and had to go. That’s three so far, Rachel. Keep it up and you might either have a drinking game named after this or a mass suicide. Either or.

It’s time for the HOH competition and its an elimination game that starts with two people who have to answer a question and if they lose, then they are eliminated. Andrew’s epical exit strategy has ruffled the Housemates as they are arguing back and forth during the competition with the battle of the Showmances (Brenchal vs. Krisden) being the main bout. In the end, both Hayden and Kristen are taken out, along with Kathy, Brendon, Ragan, Enzo, and Britney. The last two left standing are Lane and Rachel, but before the tension could even rise a bit, Rachel wins the HOH AGAIN!!!!!

I don’t think words could describe the feelings of the Housemates as Brenchal start ravaging each other over their win. After Julie signs off, we get one last snippet of Rachel and Kristen going at it and not holding back their feelings. If anyone has this fight on the live feeds, please contact me ASAP.

But before Big Brother left us for the week, Julie Chen left us with TWO surprises. #1 is that Pandora’s Box has returned, people! Will Rachel be dumb enough to use it though? #2 is the return of the Saboteur, which is basically America’s Player 2.0 since it is being introduced again this late in the game. Americans can chose which Housemate to take up the duties of the befallen Annie an wreck havoc in the Big Brother house again. Oh, CBS, you spoil us with these goodies!!!!

So what do you guys think of Andrew’s eviction and Rachel’s HOH win? Epic wins? Or Epic failures tonight?

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