The Five Best Anjelica Huston Movie Roles of Her Career

The Five Best Anjelica Huston Movie Roles of Her Career

Anjelica Huston Grifters

For a while now Anjelica Huston has been one of the best in the business largely because she can be the charming, seductive woman that lures you in with a bunch of sweet talk and a cultured manner that makes you feel somehow secure, and then she can turn around and be one of the meanest women in movies that you’ve ever seen. Her talents are legendary at this point and despite the fact that Andrew Goldman from Vulture has written that she’s admitted to not liking violent movies but loves her part in John Wick, she’s the kind of actress that you can’t help but love since she’s so on point when it comes to her various roles. In many ways she’s an inspiration for a lot of actresses that have come after her since the poise and professionalism that she has on set is nothing short of amazing and her ability to turn any role into her own is something that is highly prized in show business.

Here are a few of the best movies that she’s been a part of throughout the years.

5. The Grifters

How far would a grifter go to stay alive and in the game, or how much would it take to get them out of the game? Lilly is a piece of work, there’s no doubt about that, and the only feelings that she seems to have revolve largely around self-preservation and the need to stay alive and far enough ahead of those that want to harm her to feel safe. When she decides to kill her son’s girlfriend and make off with his money however she can’t help but just go while he’s bleeding out on the floor from a slashed artery. That’s the kind of person that truly works on the fight or flight instinct, and knows no sense of loyalty that can’t be bought.

4. John Wick: Chapter 3-Parabellum

Nick Evans from Cinema Blend reinforces the idea that Anjelica doesn’t like violent movies but she’s kind of a sucker for a guy that’s going on a revenge story because of his dog. Her role in this film is that of the Director, a high-ranking official that’s bound to help John Wick out simply because, well, you either help him or stand in his way, there’s not a lot of middle ground. While this film is bound to be insanely violent and the kill count is going to reach a very high mark, the blood and gore is surprisingly less than anyone might expect since that’s not one of the big focal points of the movie.

3. Witches

It’s kind of hard to believe that this was a kids movie back in the day since the witches are just downright awful and ugly as sin as well. But given that it didn’t involve doing much more than turning a kid into a mouse it does stand to reason that it’s one of those movies we remember from our younger days with some fondness. It might have scared the living hell out of some kids but if you really want to think it’s that bad then you’ve got to remember that we had some truly horrifying kids’ movies back in the day that are still kind of creepy in the modern era when you look back at them and wonder how we ever thought they were okay.

2. Ever After

Chris Hodges from ScreenRant managed to highlight the fact that Anjelica was nominated for an award dubbed Choice Sleazebag, which is a horrible name for an award. Thankfully she didn’t win, it went to Sarah Michele-Gellar for Cruel Intentions, and the award was renamed Choice Villain after that. But in the movie she is undoubtedly one of the meanest and nastiest characters, though there is a softer side to her that we see briefly at one moment, a tender nature that is hidden away behind the iron mask that is the wicked stepmother. One almost wishes that the tale of Cinderella was a little happier so as to explore this side a bit more.

1. The Addams Family

It doesn’t matter who came before or who comes after when it has to do with Addams family since Anjelica Huston as Morticia Addams was simply perfect. She was the best actress to take on this role in a long time and she’s been the best ever since. That’s not to say that her costars didn’t make the movie that much more special as well since her on screen chemistry with Raul Julia, the one and only Gomez Addams in this writer’s opinion, was absolutely magical. This movie is still a cult classic today since it brought to life one of the most iconic family’s in TV and movie history and it did so with the kind of flair that was just enough but not too much.

She’s earned her spot in cinematic history without any doubts.

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