Watch Tobey Maguire Replace Tom Holland in Spider-Man DeepFake Video


Okay, no. Just no, please no, no in different languages, no in so many different ways. Just NO. Okay, now that that’s out of my system let’s talk about Deepfake and how the trailers that have been rolling out have been, shall we say, kind of creepy. At the very least the guy doing the videos has managed to match the faces to the different actors in a way that does make sense and does kind of fit the whole occasion. But swapping out Tom Holland for Tobey Maguire is likely to be seen as someone’s dream casting since it’s been seen on the internet that a lot of people would love to see Tobey make a comeback. Dave Bath from The Richest even composed a list of why Tobey Maguire was the best Spider-Man and for those that are into Tobey it’s probably going to be seen as a good read. But those that agree that Tobey is in his 40s, had his chance, and didn’t get let go from the movies because of anything other than bad luck and a poor showing in the second movie have come to realize that Tobey was in fact a good pick to begin with, but kind of served his time.

Andrew Garfield was kind of an odd pick but truthfully he wasn’t horrible since he was awkward and kind of an outcast as Parker was for a while in the comics. But Maguire, some people just can’t let this go since they seem to think that he was the end-all, be-all of Spider-Man, kind of like Christopher Reeve was for Superman. The reason this just isn’t so is that while Spider-Man has been depicted as a younger man for a long, long time now, and has been socially awkward and insanely chatty during his fights, the truth is that Tobey was a little TOO dramatic for the role. Back when he was first rocking the part of Peter Parker and Spidey he was great since we really didn’t have any other basis to go off of considering that he was the first one that had taken up this role on the big screen. But once Garfield came in, and then Holland, it was easier to sit back and pick a favorite based off of actual talent. Tobey is talented, don’t get me wrong on this, but Spider-Man wasn’t really his movie, and by the third film this was proven. The second was pretty much a flop no matter that it was successful with fans and critics, as sequels tend to have a horrible time trying to live up to their original movies. But the third movie, as great as it could have been with Venom and Sandman, and of course Harry Osborne as the new Green Goblin, was just so much cringe that it was hard to imagine Tobey ever coming back. Even Andrew Garfield only managed to get two movies before Sony pulled the plug on another one.

But it would seem that a lot of people still have Tobey on the mind since this clip is enough to make a person think that they’re trying to get Sony to reconsider their stance on bringing Maguire back into the fold. Adrienne Tyler of ScreenRant has even made it known that Tobey wouldn’t be against taking up the role of the webslinger again, though in truth what he really was alluding to is that he wouldn’t turn a superhero role down, so whether or not he got to put the suit on and be Spidey again is kind of up for debate. A lot of people would no doubt be cheering for this if they saw it, but those of us that liked Tobey but moved on from him might just roll our eyes if he got to take on the role of Peter Parker again. There are those that would love to see a type of Spider-Verse movie that could bring Maguire, Garfield, and Holland into the mix together and see what happens. After all following Into the Spider-Verse it would only make sense to try and make another movie that would appease fans of all three men and finally give them some sort of closure as the MCU and Sony continue to move on. Cameron Bonomolo of Comic Book is one of those that would love to see this no doubt since he’s spoken quite highly of the idea. Whether anyone would pick it up however is a big question since it’s not just about bringing all three men into the same movie, it’s about finding a story line that is worthwhile and could incorporate all of them on a level that would be engaging and fun to watch.

After all that I still do need to give some credit to Deepfake, the guy is an artist.

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