Transformers: The Last Knight Gets the “Honest Trailers” Treatment

There’s no denying the fact that Transformers: The Last Knight, kind of needed an Honest Trailer moment. Unfortunately it needed a lot more than that since the effects were about the only really good thing about the flick. This franchise has gone from great to not so great to oh my God to WTF in a big hurry. Like so many other films that were brought over from TV or books this one has suffered intensely at the hands of someone that either doesn’t know the source material that well or just doesn’t care and is going to rip and tear at it and piece it back together in a way that makes sense to only him.

I know I was one of those willing individuals that went to the theater thinking that maybe the filmmakers would get something right and redeem themselves, but the way my head was shaking when I walked out of the theater left no doubt that they’d botched it again. If you really want to know why, here’s a few reasons. To start with, Unicron was an entity all to himself, a planet-devouring transformer that was never integrated with a planet and therefore was able to roam about as he willed. Quintessa isn’t big but she is pretty bad, but it still seems silly to think that she could possibly take Unicron in a battle when the living, planet-sized construct is fully aware of what goes on within his body and could crush her in a million different ways.

Then there’s the fact that Cybertron is back. Didn’t it get destroyed a couple of movies prior? I’m sure there’s an explanation for that beyond the fact that Michael Bay just wanted to bring it back, but really it still wouldn’t make much sense. Oh yeah, and Megatron is back, even though in the last film we saw his head resting in a big glass box with a bunch of wires connected to it. And where was Galvatron? Was he hiding out waiting to make his move?

There’s almost no continuity in Transformers now. Apparently they’ve been around long before human civilization emerged and have been seen throughout history, yet no one knows about them because they’re deeply classified. If that was the case then why in the world, in the first Transformers, would the military and world leaders be so surprised by their appearance? Oh, right, because Michael Bay. That’s all we have to say right now I guess is ‘Michael Bay’ and it explains everything, like why you can’t possibly piece together anything that’s going on between the movies. I love Transformers with a passion since it’s part of my childhood and has always been a cool idea. But the movies are now taking a direction that’s hard to follow.

Added on to that is the fact that Michael Bay has stated that he’d like to do another 14 movies after this last one. Yeah, that’s right, fourteen. Is there any way to petition that he be removed from the franchise?

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