Five Reasons Rogue One Made Star Wars Even Better

Five Reasons Rogue One Made Star Wars Even Better

Five Reasons Rogue One Made Star Wars Even Better

In 2016, Disney released Rogue One as the first in a series of side-stories in the Star Wars franchise, which managed to bring in more than a billion dollars at the box office. To a lot of people, it came as something of a surprise because it was a war movie that ended with the deaths of its entire main cast, which is not exactly the sort of thing that most people expect from Disney. Still, there can be no doubt about the fact that Rogue One was an excellent addition to the Star Wars franchise that made it even better.

Here are 5 reasons that Rogue One made the Star Wars franchise even better:

Opened Up New Possibilities

As stated, Rogue One had a much different tone from the rest of the Star Wars movies, which was appropriate because it had a much different kind of plot. In a sense, it is an interesting reminder that the Star Wars setting is vast, meaning that it can serve as host for a wide range of stories with a wide range of possibilities. This means that there is no need for the people responsible for the franchise to repeat the same stories again and again, which was a serious problem in the old Expanded Universe that seemed to have been obsessed with recapturing the magic of the first Star Wars trilogy.

Covered an Important Event in the Setting

The capture of the Death Star plans is an important event in the Star Wars setting. After all, if it had not happened, the first Star Wars trilogy could not have proceeded as it did. Better still, Rogue One managed to cover the event in sufficient detail to tell a satisfying story but not in so much detail that it became excessive, which was once again, a serious problem with the old Expanded Universe.

Expanded on the Rebellion

Interestingly, Rogue One provided viewers with a look at the Rebel Alliance as well as all of the disparate components that would have had to make up such a haphazard coalition under realistic or even semi-realistic circumstances. It was an improvement in the sense that the Rebellion became that much more bigger, thus meaning that much wider a range of possibilities for future story-telling.

Expanded on the Empire

Likewise, Rogue One expanded on the internal struggles of the Empire, which are exactly as unpleasant as they should be when the whole rotten edifice is presided over by an evil space wizard. In a way, it served to make the Empire seem more realistic by humanizing its members even as it reminded the viewers why the polity was so evil that it had to be fought.

Provides New Insight into the Events of the First Star Wars Trilogy

It is clear that the people behind Rogue One made the movie with an excellent understanding of the first Star Wars trilogy, as shown by the sheer number of moments that shed new light on what happened in A New Hope. The most entertaining of these might be Princess Leia’s response to Darth Vader on the Tantive IV, which has become that much more brazen and thus that much more deserving of respect in light of what happened towards the end of Rogue One.

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