Watch Binging With Babish Make Chocolate Lava Cake With Jon Favreau

Babish is so much fun to watch and this time we get to watch him make chocolate lava cake with Jon Favreau. This is definitely a dessert that you want to take care with otherwise it won’t rise right, it might stick, and it could possibly go completely wrong. But if you’re careful enough and watch what you’re doing then it should be a delightful treat that you can enjoy with a loved one and really get into. The trick of the dessert is to pay attention to what you’re doing and really watch as the ingredients are going in that you don’t butcher the dish in the process.

The ganache is the first thing you’ll need to do since it’s going to need to sit in the freezer until it hardens up. Once it’s done put it away until later and then you can focus on the cake batter. A lot of people tend to think that chocolate lava cake is just cake that hasn’t been cooked all the way through, meaning the inside is still raw, but that’s not the case. The chocolate ganache is the ‘lava’ and is made molten as a result of placing it within the cake mixture that has to cook around it. In this manner the frozen ganache takes on a molten appearance and appears quite yummy to be honest, but it’s definitely a dish that a person that doesn’t like chocolate should stay away from since it’s good and rich.

Once the cake batter is carefully made and combined into one smooth mixture it’s necessary to grease up several ramekins with butter so that it will be easier to remove the cakes once they’re done, otherwise they will back right onto the interior surface. Adding a layer of sugar to the inside as well can add a bit more sweetness to the cake and give the cook a better chance to remove the cakes in one piece. Once that part is done it’s time to pour the batter into the ramekins, filling them just a little less than halfway up. Then scoops of the frozen chocolate ganache can be added into each ramekin, right in the center so that they will remain in place while the baking is taking place. After that, dole out the rest of the cake mixture into the ramekins, completely covering the ganache. Then as Jon learns it’s necessary to do the ‘Babish walk-off’ which means holding the tray up to the camera for a second before turning to walk off camera to put the ramekins in the oven.

After allowing the cakes to cook for the necessary amount of time you can remove them from the oven and, after letting them cool just for a moment, begin to plate. It’s necessary to take care with the ramekins when trying to remove the cake, make sure it’s over the plate and that you don’t have to shake it too much. Once the cake is on the plate dust it with some sugar, add a dollop of whipped cream, a strawberry, and voila, chocolate lava cake. Mmmm.

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