The Most Iconic Cast of Two and a Half Men Series

The Most Iconic Cast of Two and a Half Men Series

Undoubtedly, CBS has churned out amazing and hilarious sitcoms over these past decades. One such show and its theme music that’s still evergreen is the crazily funny American sitcom Two and a Half Men. Big thumbs up to Chuck Lorre and the production team for the ageless series masterpiece.

From its first episode in September 2003 to its last in February 2015, Two and a Half Men got fans chuckling and laughing in front of their television sets. The series featured 12 seasons spread across 262 episodes.

It takes an incredible cast, producers, and scriptwriters to have kept the show to stay on the air for 12 successful seasons. In dedication to a memorable TV show, here are the top cast of the Two and a Half Men series.

Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen)

Charlie Harper

Credit: Two and a Half Men

Unless you joined the series in the ninth season, Charlie Harper is a name that’ll forever resonate in our minds. What do you get when you take a hedonistic, sarcastic bachelor who has made a ridiculous amount of money as a jingoist and stays home most of the time? You guessed right; it’s a full dose of Charlie Harper.

Charlie Harper enjoys the finest things in life—wealth, women, and alcohol. He loves to act as if he cares for no one, but deep down, he’s got a kind heart. After his younger brother, Alan, divorced, he was forced to accommodate Alan and Alan’s son, Jake. Charlie also has a cat-and-mouse relationship with his mother. Later in the series, viewers find out Charlie has a daughter, Jenny.

There was absolutely no perfect actor to give life to the Charlie Harper character like Charlie Sheen. Even after Charlie Sheen got fired from the series at the end of season 8, finding a worthy replacement was hard. The storyline had to be changed to accommodate the vacuum. There can never be another Charlie Harper, as portrayed by Charlie Sheen.

Alan Harper (Jon Cryer)

Alan Harper

Credit: Two and a Half Men

Jon Cryer takes on the character of Alan Harper, the younger brother of Charlie Harper. Throughout the 12 seasons of the series, Alan Harper manages to stay a freeloader who overstays his welcome by living with his elder brother. However, upon the death of his brother, Alan still finds ways to befriend the new owner of the house, Walden, and continues to live with him.

Alan is a struggling chiropractor and a two-time divorcee. He’s mostly an embarrassment to his son and has a streak of bad luck when it comes to money. Nevertheless, he successfully befriends Walden, a billionaire, and later agrees to a fake marriage with him to adopt a child. Despite these, Cryer’s character adds comic flavor to the show. Alan Harper is the only character to be featured in all 262 episodes of the show—that says a lot!

Jake Harper (Angus T. Jones)

Jake Harper

Credit: Two and a Half Men

Angus T. Jones plays the “half-man” in the series. He’s the son of Alan and Judith and went on to have a younger half-brother and cousin as the season progressed. Like the character, Angus T. Jones grew from a little boy in the first season to an independent adult when he came on as a guest in the final season.

Part of Jake Harper’s transformation was seeing him evolve from a naïve, smart little kid to a dimwitted teen. He later joined the US Army when he was of age. He’s one of the characters that make the show hilarious and interesting.

Berta (Conchata Ferrell)


Credit: Two and a Half Men

Since becoming a main character in season 2, Berta was a force to be reckoned with. She was supposed to be Charlie Harper’s housekeeper but was never one to shy away from speaking her mind. She continuously teases Alan’s freeloading lifestyle and remains a family friend. Even after the death of Charlie, she stays on to be the housekeeper for Walden.

Evelyn Harper (Holland Taylor)

Evelyn Harper

Credit: Two and a Half Men

Holland Taylor delivers the character of Evelyn Harper with much poise and talent. Evelyn Harper is the mother of Charlie and Alan and the grandmother to Jake. She’s a broker/realtor and a Los Angeles socialite. She doesn’t consider herself a role model to anyone and lives life to the fullest in every possible way.

Walden Schmidt (Aston Kutcher)

Walden Schmidt

Credit: Two and a Half Men

Aston Kutcher plays the hopeless romantic and internet billionaire Walden Schmidt. Walden buys Charlie Harper’s beach house after Charlie dies. But, unbeknownst to him, he also inherited Charlie’s brother, nephew, and housekeeper. Walden Schmidt’s character was introduced in season nine and became a close friend and family with others of the series cast.

Rose (Melanie Lynskey)


Credit: Two and a Half Men

She’s Charlie Harper’s weird neighbor who’s obsessed with him and stalked him until his assumed death. She does the same with the new beach house owner, Walden. Rose was a main character in the first two seasons and was notably a great addition to the storyline. However, the series finale reveals she hid Charlie Harper in a pit since his disappearance at the end of season 8.Jon Cryer

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