The Five Best Charlie Sheen Movies of His Career

Once upon a time Charlie Sheen was one of the most prominent and popular individuals in all of Hollywood. He was loved by so many that it was hard to find anyone that didn’t at least know his name and could list off his many exploits. That guy still exists, but with all the stuff that’s gone down in his life in the last decade or so it’s kind of hard to equate the guy he was with the person he is now. Granted, he’s still extremely entertaining when he wants to be, but when he was younger and the problems hadn’t started to pile up just yet Charlie Sheen was building his own legend and had become someone that many people wanted to be like since he was just that great. You could rightfully say that he’s built a legacy that people will look back on from time to time and admire. Honestly, the guy has been a truly great actor in his time.

Here are just a few of the best movies from his career to this point.

5. Hot Shots!

Obviously this isn’t the last spoof movie he did but this was one of the best since the role of Topper Harley was meant to be insanely funny, which it was. The whole way through he deadpans his way through the humorous moments and keeps a straight face as people were just rolling from laughing so hard. The sequel was close to being just as funny but there was a certain quality about the first one that made it a little better. In many cases the first movie is always the better of the two largely because it introduces the gags and the characters first and therefore has the advantage of not being seen before.

4. Men At Work

James and Carl are probably the two worst garbage men on the face of the earth when it comes to doing their jobs the way they need to. But then again if they weren’t so good at causing a disturbance then this movie wouldn’t have been made and people might have missed out. The two want nothing more than to finally realize their dreams of one day going into business for themselves and finally getting away from the garbage business, but before they can do that they have to unravel a plot that involves the death of an elected official and a tape that will put his killers away for good.

3. Platoon

Vietnam was a living hell for a lot of people, none more so than those that were on the front lines and had to see the horrors of what people can do to one another up close. Chris was possibly more of an idealist before he was sent to serve under Elias and Barnes, but once he saw the horrors that men can do in times of war he quickly made up his mind that Barnes was just about as bad as the enemy. Throughout the film the troop engages the enemy more than once, but as dangerous as they are it’s still determined that Barnes is even worse since he’ll go to any length to do what needs to be done  to defeat the enemy. That tends to make anyone a bit nervous when they realize they can’t trust the person they’re fighting alongside.

2. Major League

Ricky Vaughn has a fastball that’s simply unbelievable, but he has almost no aim when he first reaches the team. Every pitch flies off in a different direction as he launches them in the general direction of the plate but veers so wildly to any and every side that it’s like watching a Roman candle go of when it’s being shaken. Of course, even the candle has the opportunity to shoot straight if it’s given proper guidance. Throughout the movie Ricky is finally given that guidance as he’s taught how to control that murderous fastball and finally get it over the plate and past the batters that tee off on him when he lets up a bit.

1. Wall Street

Greed is a very powerful tool as well as a ruinous thing when it’s used over and over without any checks or balances to stymie its use. Unfortunately in this movie the message seems to be ‘do anything so long as you don’t get caught’. Bud learns this lesson very well as he begins to take the advice of Gordon Gekko and climbs his way upward, seeking fortune unlike anything he’s ever known despite the warnings of his father that money and the constant need to have more of it can only lead to ruin since the methods used to get it are often questionable and not always advisable.

Charlie Sheen is a legend that’s made his own legacy, it’s just kind of a shame he’s self-destructed in the last several years.

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