The Five Most Underrated Action Movies of the 90s

The 1990’s were a fast and loose time for movies, and a lot of them seemed to come and go in a matter of weeks while some of them managed to stick around. But quite honestly there were some that deserved a little more consideration and either have never received it or are just now being looked at as something that was more worthwhile than we thought. While there were a lot of movies back in that decade that were, for the most part, just laughable, some of them had great plots and killer stories that didn’t deserve being stepped over, but they were anyway. The attempts to make good on those stories however by way of remakes, reboots, sequels, and so on has never really gone all that well and has even kind of killed the love of the original movie that some people once had.

While that doesn’t make a lot of sense it is what’s happened since some people seem to have forgotten some of the movies on this list. Whatever you think about them, or the actors that were in them, some of these films could be counted among the best of the 90’s and should at least be given a chance to be redeemed in some way. If at all possible some of them could be revisited with a few of the same actors even to make it worth the time and effort.

It might be better than some of the films we’ve been getting. Here are just a few that were way underrated.

5. Point Break

The remake of this was a complete flop really when you get right down to it. The whole spiritual vs. practical aspect of the movie was a great hook that got a lot of people to pay attention. Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves played great parts and even Gary Busey was awesome since he brought a kind of manic energy to the film that balanced out Bohdi’s chill attitude and Utah’s kind of vapid act. The film was something that in a way tested your loyalty to see who you would side with when it came to wanting to see justice done vs. wanting to see a little disorganized karma that finally came around in the end.

4. Universal Soldier

The 90’s was when JCVD had hit his peak and was riding high on the kind of success that can make or break a star. He was so popular at this point that he was considered to be a legend in the making at some point. But then his roles hardly ever changed and he became typecast in a way that can absolutely kill a career. This movie however was uniquely awesome since it brought into question the morality of what the US did to and with its soldiers in a small way that didn’t get highlighted that much. But the action was where it was really at, and it was epic in some regards.

3. Under Siege

It kind of seemed like Steven Seagal was riding a career rollercoaster in the 90’s since his career went up and down. He’s almost always been one of those guys that can just walk into a fight and walk out with barely a scratch, if that. In this movie however he did get roughed up a little, but as usual most of his one on one or one on five or six or….well you know, went about the same way. The movie itself wasn’t bad because of that kind of action but the one thing you can fairly assume is that no matter what happened at the end he’d be in a lot more trouble than he was.

2. Broken Arrow

The idea of a nuclear weapon being in the wrong hands terrifies a lot of people, but if such a weapon was being held by a man that wanted to nuke his own country it becomes even worse. Broken Arrow did suffer from slightly cheesy dialogue and a lot of plot holes that didn’t belong in the movie, but at the same time the action and the dynamic between Travolta and Slater was still pretty cool. The inclusion of the park ranger didn’t really mesh that well but it added another issue to the story that had to be dealt with.

1. Time Cop

Time Cop was kind of the beginning of the downward swing of JCVD’s career. It was still action-packed and had a lot of feeling to it that made it a great movie, but it was underrated largely because it came out when action movies were a dime a dozen and got shelved right away after release. The whole issue of time travel ethics was actually pretty interesting, but once again it got buried under the need for a surplus of action films.

If you get the chance you should check these out and see just how interesting they really are.

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