Was Oberyn Martell The Best Fighter In Westeros?

Oberyn Martell was one of the biggest fan-favorite Game of Thrones characters that didn’t last very long. Much like Eddard Stark, the show’s first main character, this supporting character lasted only one season. And as we, Game of Thrones fans, remember (and possibly still suffer from PTSD), he probably suffered the most gruesome death out of all the characters in the series. Still, his short time in season four was met with great reception from the fans. Rightfully so, given that he immediately captured everyone’s attention with his great charisma and lavish lifestyle. If that didn’t make him stand out, he was always unabashed when speaking his mind. In his first scene, he verbally and physically humiliated two Lannister soldiers, not concerning himself with the consequences. There were none.

What made fans like Oberyn Martell so much in the short time that we saw him was that he was in foreign territory the whole time and acted the way he pleased. He indulged in his sexual appetites, ignored the squabbles between the other houses, and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. One of his best moments was actually a more serious conversation he had with Tyrion Lannister. At that moment, he revealed some history of his family, particularly the terrible fate his sister and her children suffered at the hands of Gregor Clegane, better known as The Mountain.

Oberyn Martell Westeros

His Fighting Skills Weren’t His Only Weapons

Out of all of his moments where he spoke up, that was by far his most confident. And let’s not forget that’s when he silenced the silver-tongued Tyrion Lannister. How many other Game of Thrones characters managed to do that? Oberyn Martell wasn’t just all talk, however. His last scene gave us an exciting look at his flashy, yet effective fighting style against an opponent who no one would ever even think about challenging. His opponent, the very man who caused his family so much misery, The Mountain himself. This was his true purpose for traveling to Westeros, with the desire to enact revenge against the man who murdered his sister. It was a rare opportunity to challenge him in single combat and he took it. And guess what? He basically won the fight.

Oberyn Martell Westeros

Let’s put an emphasis on “basically” because we all remember how the fight ended. Oberyn Martell had his head literally crushed like a grape at the hands of The Mountain, but his death was not in vain. After the match, it was revealed that he coated the blade of his spear with manticore venom. Even in defeat, Oberyn Martell made sure that the murderer of his sister would suffer a slow and painful death at his hand. Again, we all remember that kind of backfired, but The Mountain would never really be human again after that. In a way, it was a victory for Oberyn Martell. Heck, he didn’t get his nickname, “The Red Viper,” for nothing.

He Actually Defeated The Mountain In Single Combat

The more you watch that one fight scene, the more you must be tempted to think that Oberyn Martell just might be the greatest fighter in Westeros. A bit unexpected for a flamboyant Dornish prince, but his battle with The Mountain should be enough to convince us. He would have finished him and walked away victorious if he wasn’t overcome with emotion and anger. That sadly didn’t happen, but it doesn’t change the fact that he was able to actually defeat the most intimidating warrior in Westeros in single combat straight up. Just because he was willing to challenge The Mountain makes him the bravest man out of everyone in Westeros. How many other characters do you think would actually have the stones to take on The Mountain? Would Jon Snow? Would Robb Stark? Probably not unless they absolutely had to.

Oberyn Martell Westeros

Who Else Could He Have Fought In Westeros?

The fact that Oberyn Martell was defeated in his one and only fight scene shouldn’t take away the fact that he managed to defeat the strongest warrior in Westeros. His unique and flashy fighting style with his spear was enough to outmaneuver and break down Gregor Clegane’s towering size and prevent Oberyn from taking any damage. That was until the very last few seconds of the fight, but Clegane was already defeated in single combat at that point. If Oberyn had just finished him there, he would’ve walked away with his vengeance and his life. But let’s face it, no other warrior would’ve done any better against The Mountain. Just imagine if some of the other skilled warriors of Westeros went up against Oberyn Martell in single combat. It probably wouldn’t have gone their way.

What are your thoughts, Game of Thrones fans? Do you think Oberyn Martell’s fighting style would be enough to make him the greatest fighter in Westeros? On top of his fighting skills, he still had Pedro Pascal deliver a stellar performance to make him as charismatic as he needed to be. The character himself didn’t last too long in the series, but he became a fan-favorite during his short time in season four.

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