How Tyrion Lannister Turned Into One Of The Worst Characters In Game Of Thrones

How Tyrion Lannister Turned Into One Of The Worst Characters In Game Of Thrones

How Tyrion Lannister Turned Into One Of The Worst Characters In Game Of Thrones

Tyrion Lannister was often considered one of the favorites in Game of Thrones. Despite his size, he’s portrayed as a man with a warrior’s spirit. Tyrion was truly the only person who had the balls to stand up to the monster known as King Joffrey. Everyone else around the little prick gave into his demands, but Tyrion’s hatred and despise for the monster outweighed his fear. Who could forget him slapping Joffrey silly in season two? It was one of the rare moments that Joffrey showed fear and retreated to his child-like instincts by saying he was going to tell his mother. But it wasn’t just Tyrion standing up to the King, it was him volunteering to fight in Blackwater that saw his face cut in half, or him standing up to his father by murdering the man who would rather disown the bastard son. Tyrion’s courage won the hearts of millions, and his niceness to Sansa during their brief marriage continued further proof that Mr. Lannister was a good person at heart. However, that changed along the way, more so when David Benioff and D.B. Weiss had to veer away from George R.R. Martin’s source material.

There were plenty of changes when the creators were forced to continue the show without Martin’s source material, but Tyrion’s character arguably suffered the biggest blow. Sure, Daenerys Targaryen’s sudden heel turn of murdering innocent civilians was the worst moment in the later seasons of the series, but at least there was some motive behind it. The sudden rampage was still stupid though. And there could be an argument made about Jamie Lannister’s character reverting back to his old ways despite spending numerous seasons developing him into a decent human being. The list of bad changes goes on and on, but Tyrion Lannister betraying his morals by turning into a coward was the most insulting. There was no reason for this drastic change. With Theron Greyjoy, it made sense why he lost his courage because Ramsay emasculated the poor man for numerous seasons. The guy had his dick cut off! It was a well-told arc where Theron’s actions once he was captured made sense, and him going out in a heroic moment was a nice send-off for his character. Tyrion never went through a phase like this. In fact, Tyrion always fought back against his adversaries. King Joffrey was worse than Daenerys. He had no problems hurting people for his sick pleasure and would stab you in the heart without any sense of remorse. Yet, Tyrion barely showed any fear when it came to the King.

Daenerys Targaryen was cruel. There’s no denying that. She gave the slave owners a dose of their own medicine and killed Dickon Tarrell who refused to acknowledge her as queen, but Daenerys was not a murderous and cruel brute when it came to the innocent people. Well, before her random turn of course. She was indeed more powerful than Joffrey, but as I previously stated, Tyrion was the type of man to fight back against an adversary. The man that had no issues slapping King Joffrey in public wouldn’t have any problems trying to stop another monster from gaining the throne. Yet, when Varys came up with a plan to try and stop Daenerys, Tyrion ratted him out to the soon-to-be queen because he was afraid. Yes, there was a moment when Daenerys threaten Tyrion, but the king slapper didn’t go through the drastic trauma and turmoil that Theron went through to suddenly tuck his tail between his legs. Him finding his “courage” to stand up to Daenerys once the bloodshed and carnage had been done was too late. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss didn’t know how to properly develop his character, so they randomly had Tyrion abandon his morals just to suite the story that they wanted to tell. The fact that Tyrion didn’t even try and stop Daenerys from reaching the throne is a slap in the face to the audience. Tyrion being too scared to even try and make a move against Daenerys wasn’t the problem. It was the lack of development to get him to that state of mind. The final few seasons was clearly a rush job that Benioff and Weiss wanted to be done with. In turn, it affected the story and characters that audiences connected with from season one. Tyrion Lannister became one of the worst characters in Game of Thrones because Benioff and Weiss either didn’t know how to properly develop him or didn’t care less about the journey leading to the finale. It’s a shame, as many people considered Tyrion one of the best before his alliance with Daenerys.David Benioff and D.B. Weiss

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