Bad Lip Reading Gives Trump’s Inauguration the Treatment

If you’re not familiar with bad lip reading by now then you’ve missed out on a ton. For those that aren’t familiar with Bad Lip Reading, it all began with an ingenious video that took a look at players, coaches, and referees in the NFL. They essentially dubbed over real voices with their own, but did it in a way where the lip movement matched the perceived dialogue virtually perfectly.  So while someone may have said “nice shot” the dubbers could have seen the lips move and said “nice butt” or something to that extent, and it would have fit just as well as if the person said “nice shot.”  It’s hard to explain this all in text.

But let’s get to the point.  The folks at Bad Lip Reading decided to create what might be their best project yet.  In fact I’m gonna say that this is definitely their best yet.  The team took on Trump’s Inauguration day.   Not only did they dub over Trump’s voice but basically every single person there.   Just to highlight some stuff (and I won’t ruin it), Mike Pence is unreal, George Bush is equally as hilarious and “The goldfish of preteens never stood a chance.”

Seriously, you have to watch this.

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