House of the Dragon Season 2 Will be More Brutal, Says Writer

House of the Dragon Season 2 Will be More Brutal, Says Writer

credit: House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon season 2 will be more brutal, says the series writer, and it’s bound to happen. The way season 1 was left indicates that the Hightowers and the Targaryens are going to start tearing at one another. How inventive they get is dependent upon how closely George R.R. Martin’s story is followed this time. Game of Thrones, which is set hundreds of years after House of the Dragon, brought a level of violence that is hard to match. 

The death of Lucerys at the end of season 1 by the jaws of the massive dragon, Vhagar, indicates that the Blacks, aka the Targaryens, will not find themselves in the mood to forgive. Putting Aegon II on the throne after his father’s death was another blow to the Targaryens. Somehow only the vapidest characters get to rule. 

The look that Rhaenyra gave at the end of the first season indicates that things are going to explode. After everything that has already happened, the second season is set to bring the violence. The episode titled Blood and Cheese alludes to two characters that fans will already have read about and will likely recognize when the show returns. 

House of the Dragon Season 2 Will be More Brutal, Says Writer

credit: House of the Dragon

The show has a lot of criticism to get past

House of the Dragon was meant to come out of the gate swinging. But what’s unfortunate is that this show did not appear to fire on all cylinders where the fans were concerned. Despite sounding and looking appealing initially, a few issues bogged this showdown. 

This time it didn’t feel as though Martin’s story was bogged down by story-to-TV differences. In some ways, it felt like fatigue or perhaps a story that didn’t feel fully developed. In any case, HotD did not feel complete and did resonate with a large part of the fanbase. 

This same issue plagued GoT after a while, but the initial series did appear to improve at times. House of the Dragon has a chance to turn things around and create a strong look at the Westeros that forged the GoT era. Unfortunately, this means righting the ship immediately and making few, if any, mistakes in the next season. Worse, it means the story has to change the perspectives of the current fanbase. 

The war between Alicent and Rhaenyra is likely to take precedence

These two went from being friends to the most bitter of enemies. A lot of fans know that this was still a sprint from start to finish. The time jumps make the story feel way too rushed, but apparently, it’s necessary to reach certain milestones that were necessary to hit. 

The struggle between Alicent and Rhaenyra feels like the main battle in this series thus far, and focusing on it would prove wise. There are plenty of other moving parts in this series. However, these two are among the most interesting since their decisions can make or break their houses. Given that Hightower has sought to gain power through treachery and deceit, it’s fair to think that their situation is going to worsen. 

Not only that, they’ve put a king on the throne who didn’t want it and is in no fit position to rule. 

House of the Dragon Season 2 Will be More Brutal, Says Writer

credit: House of the Dragon

Prince Daemon is still a wild card

It’s tough to know what Daemon is going to do unless one has read the book. Even then, there’s no guarantee of what will happen. This is a character that is capable of creating havoc among his enemies or allies. While a deleted scene from the first season helped to give credence to Daemon’s call to arms, it’s still easy to think that he’s an untethered risk. 

One can no doubt assume that Daemon will stick by his wife/niece and seek to aid his own clan. But there’s no telling what will happen on the battlefield. He’s one of the most accomplished and skilled dragon riders, meaning he’s also among the most dangerous. When even his allies fear him, one can assume that he terrifies his enemies. 

Daemon is the type of character that is rather complicated. He can be a burden or an asset to whoever is around him. 

Vhagar is a big problem, literally and figuratively 

Addressing one of the biggest problems around, Vhagar proved that Prince Aemond does not have total control over his dragon. Given this beast’s age and status, it’s not hard to imagine that Vhagar will dominate the battlefield. Those that have read the book already know what will happen, but taking down something as big as Vhagar will prove difficult. 

It’s important to point out that it’s not always the dragon that dominates, it’s the dragon rider. Prince Aemond is still young when it comes to dragon riding, so it’s fair to state that a confrontation with another skilled dragon rider should prove interesting. 

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