House of the Dragon: Episode 10-Recap

House of the Dragon: Episode 10-Recap
House Of The Dragon' finale recap: it's war, then

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Is it just me, or did the first season of House of the Dragon end on a note that was slightly less than hopeful for Rhaenyra and her people? There are spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t watched the episode yet, then you might want to catch up first since, like so many other writers, I’m not slowing down to wait. But at this time, it would appear that the dragons of both the King’s and the Queen’s houses are going to be the greatest asset but also the biggest detriment, especially if the demise of Prince Lucerys and his dragon are any indication.

Of course, when dealing with a dragon the size of the one that Prince Aemond, one has to remember that control might not always be perfect unless the bond between the dragon and the rider is nearly perfect. One could say that Vhagar obeys a rider up to a point but isn’t bound to listen when set on a target. If anyone thought that Lucerys was about to get away, they were immediately shocked and surprised to see the dragon, and the rider, literally torn to pieces that were allowed to fall to the harsh and unforgiving landscape below. 

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credit: House of the Dragon

Alliances mean a little more to some people than others in this series. 

The division of the Targaryens was never meant to be a surprise, but the lengths to which each side is bound to go to secure their legitimacy to the Iron Throne have become kind of interesting to be certain since those in King’s Landing were quick to dress up a foppish noble that had no desire to be king. One can easily assume that Aegon II isn’t about to give up power unless it becomes too much for him to handle at some point, which wouldn’t take much.

In the meantime, Deamon is busy securing the borders of Dragonstone by making plans and even threatening to kill two of his best guards if they don’t swear fealty on the spot to Rhaenyra. The only middle ground that exists at this time, apparently, rests with the common folk, and considering how easily many commoners are swayed when it comes to offering their support, it’s terrifyingly easy to say that the common folk are essentially useless. At this time, the only real power in Westeros is held by those who can annihilate the common folk if they don’t react in a manner that the nobles believe is warranted. 

Daemon hasn’t changed, if anyone was wondering. 

He’s still capable of being violent, he’s still an individual that has no qualms about killing others, and as Rhaenyra found out, she’s not immune to his mild fits of anger either. Choking her might not have been all about anger, but he certainly wasn’t attempting to get her attention simply by wrapping his hand around her neck. No, Daemon is the same guy that he was seen to be years before in this season, but perhaps one thing has changed, he’s a little more patient and definitely calmer when it comes to killing others.

There’s no doubt that he doesn’t wish to be contradicted, and he doesn’t even want to consider waiting for the other side to strike first, but thus far, he’s followed Rhaenyra’s lead, mostly, and yet still feels like a caged animal straining at his bonds. But when the battle finally kicks off, it does feel as though Daemon is going to hit the other side like a tidal wave, as his battle prowess is far greater than many individuals that Queen Alicent might throw at Rhaenyra’s forces.  

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credit: House of the Dragon

The loyalty of a noble house apparently doesn’t stretch that far, kind of like their courage. 

On the one hand, it’s hard to win the loyalty of anyone without giving up something in return, so Alicent is smart to offer aid to other houses by giving them armament and soldiers and essentially telling them that they will have the support of the crown. Unfortunately, all Rhaenyra appears to be doing is reminding the lords of their word to support her in her time of need, and as anyone who’s watched Game of Thrones would know, this isn’t really enough for the always greedy noble houses that prefer material goods to be asked to keep their word. 

One can already point out certain individuals that need to be eliminated to bring peace, even if it won’t happen. 

Otto Hightower, Ser Cole, and many others are individuals who many would likely agree have taken their role and made it work but are still in need of a good beatdown at one point or another. It’s a big hope that in the next season, we’ll get to see a few people who do deserve comeuppance finally get it. Of course, at some point, that would include just about everyone. 

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