The Nine Major Houses In Game Of Thrones

The Nine Major Houses In Game Of Thrones
The Nine Major Houses In Game Of Thrones

credit: Game of Thrones (Season 1)

Game of Thrones ended its showing more than three years ago, in 2019. However, the impact it left on its viewers is long-lasting, thanks to its plot, which could be confusing for beginners. It followed the story of some royal families trying to secure the Iron Throne (a representation of total power over all of the Seven Kingdoms, but is also an actual object itself) or fighting away from it. The epic saga highlighted the bloodshed people will be able to commit to secure power.

The series, of course, had its monarchies, named “Houses,” which act like royal clans nowadays. Below, we have a guide for the nine houses in Game of Thrones to make understanding the entire plot of the show easier. The houses below are listed in alphabetical order.


1. Arryn

As high as honor.

House Arryn is one of the least involved in the nine houses. Their kingdom is mostly located in the mountains and forests of the north. They had grown in significance since the beginning of the War of the Five Kings, as it was from the house of Arryn where the murder that started it all happened. The House was also under the control of House Targaryen and Stark for some time.


2. Baratheon

Ours is the fury.

House Baratheon rules the Stormlands, a place in Westeros characterized by its frequent stormy weather. For some years, House Baratheon became the royal house of the Seven Kingdoms as they were known as House Baratheon of the King’s Landing. Their coat of arms is a black stag in a gold field.


3. Greyjoy

We do not sow.

The House of Greyjoy ruled in the small archipelago known as the Iron Islands, off the coast of mainland Westeros. This House rose from the ashes of the former House Hoare by electing that Greyjoy rules over the Iron Islands. Their coat of arms is a golden-colored Kraken (a squid-like creature) on a black background.


The Nine Major Houses In Game Of Thrones

credit: Game of Thrones (Season 4)


4. Lannister

Hear me roar.

House Lannister was one of the most well-known houses in the entire series, particularly due to their role in War of the Five Kings. This house was also tattered with some instances of incest and [sexual abuse] in their ranks. Their arms feature a golden lion over a crimson field.


5. Martell

Unbowed, unbent, unbroken.

House Martell is one of the kingdoms in the south. They were on the side of the Iron Throne but distanced themselves during Robert’s Rebellion, sparing themselves from Targaryen subjugation. Their heraldry includes an orange field with a red sun impaled by a yellow spear.


The Nine Major Houses In Game Of Thrones

credit: Game of Thrones (Season 7)


6. Stark

Winter is coming.

The House Stark was among the major players in the series, alongside Baratheon, Lannister, and Targaryen. Their kingdom resides in the northern plains, stretching up to The Wall in the north, thus, never really bordering Arryn.

During the Red Wedding, the Tully vassal House Frey and Stark vassal House Bolton secretly planned a betrayal by siding with House Lannister. In the turn of events, their King, Robb Stark, was killed, which briefly ended their rule in the north. House Bolton then took over the kingdom.


7. Targaryen

Fire and blood.

The House of Targaryen is one of the bigger players, and their role was greatly noticed during Daenerys’ war for Westeros, where they attempted to usurp the Iron Throne, which resulted in a victory. The house went extinct after its last member, Jon Snow joined the Night’s Watch.

House Targaryen was once the royal house of the Seven Kingdoms as well. Their coat of arms contained a red-colored three-headed dragon (possibly a hydra) on a black field.


8. Tully

Family, duty, honor.

This House ruled the Riverlands near the central plains of Westeros. Due to this location, they often found themselves on the battlefield of some wars, as they were where the North and the South met. In War of the Five Kings, they were attacked by Lannister and pledged support for Stark.

Their sigil featured a white fish jumping over blue water on a red field.


9. Tyrell

Growing strong.

This house reigned over the Reach, the most fertile and habitable land in Westeros. They were allied with the Baratheons until Olenna took power, during which they sided with the Targaryens instead.

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