Why Warren Beatty and Annette Bening’s Marriage Has Worked for So Long

A lot of times when you hear about celebrity marriages it’s how they don’t seem to work and go by the wayside more often than not. But obviously that belief never caught on with Annette Bening and Warren Beatty, as they’ve been married for 25 years and have four children as well as a very solid marriage to define their relationship. You might wonder that could still possibly be in an era when celebrity divorce and struggle is still very much a thing, but we’ll get to that in a moment. Marriage is to many people a different thing that means something different. To some it’s a cage, a leash, a barrier to ever having a good time again. Kids can mean never going out with friends again, being chained down to someone and something that isn’t entirely conducive with the way one wants to live. Or marriage can be a blessing and kids a wonder that someone who’s never known such a life might aspire to simply because they feel it’s time and they want to experience more out of life than the one-side joys that being single can bring. It’s a very subjective matter really and depends on the perspective of the individuals involved. But for Warren Beatty and Annette Bening it’s pretty simple, they’re more secure together than they ever were alone, and for the past two and a half decades they’ve been madly in love with one another.

The best part of this is that they still are. So you were wondering how this could possibly be? Well let’s get into that.

They surprise each other.

I don’t mean they hide around the corner and try to scare the living daylights out one another. They surprise each other with small things, be it a romantic gesture, a revelation that they hadn’t revealed about a part of their day, or just something that many happy couples could attest to if asked. It’s about doing the unexpected and surprising your partner in a way that they might have seen before but weren’t expecting in that moment. Keeping the marriage lively is one of the many ways that people stay happy with each other. It’s a bit of work sometimes, but if you learn how to do it then it becomes a joy and a means of keeping one’s partner happy and satisfied in a way they didn’t know was possible until they experienced it. Some might say that it’s hogwash, but really the best feeling in the world some days is the look of adoration on your partner’s face when they realize you went to even just a little bit of trouble for them. It’s touching in a way that you didn’t have to do anything, but you chose to.

Beatty dropped out of the spotlight when their kids were growing up.

He didn’t drop out entirely obviously, but he did take a hiatus from acting when their kids were still young so as to grant their children a somewhat normal life. The lifestyle of celebrities is tough enough for adults, but for children it can become even more so since they have no clear understanding of why people are taking their picture or asking to speak to them in public. It’s the kind of life that Beatty and Bening decide they didn’t want their children having to endure and it seems to have done wonders for their family and their relationship. Throughout their marriage there’s no doubt been moments when they argued or otherwise disagreed about what to do concerning one issue or another, but throughout it all they’ve at least focused on elements of their family that matter the most, and this can strengthen a marriage as much as it can test it.

It was love at first sight.

Believe it or not this is still possible in this day and age. It might not be as quick or as strong as one might think, but for Beatty it was a pull that he couldn’t resist apparently. During their time together on the film Bugsy Bening reportedly stated that she didn’t want to date while they were making the movie, but once the job was done Beatty wasted no time. Bening was reserved for a short time when he started asking her out, but relented rather quickly. And the rest, as they say, is history. Real love isn’t something that gets turned on and off like a faucet, it has to grow and be nurtured by those that harbor feelings for one another. Yet the mutual attraction can be there before the true emotions, as in some cases it kind of needs to be. Beatty and Bening had that attraction when they first started working together, and once it was allowed to blossom into something real they found that they couldn’t have let go if they’d tried.

That’s the strength of a real marriage.

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