Joe Manganiello Opes Up on Adjustments in His Marriage to Sofia Vergara

Joe Manganiello isn’t so much all about opening up about adjustments in his marriage to Sofia Vergara as he is about gushing over how lucky he is to be married to the famous actress. He’s no slouch himself when it comes to being a star but the actor is pretty open about how much of a fan of hers he was before they met. In fact he got her number from her Modern Family costar Jesse Tyler Ferguson after it was discovered that she’d split from Nick Loeb in 2014. It might have seemed opportunistic but it did lead to something pretty perfect for both of them as they got married after six months of dating and have been together ever since. Joe tends to think he’s the lucky one since the relationships he had before his marriage taught him a lot about what not to do and how to treat someone so that they would love him back in the same way he showed them love.

One bit of disagreement however is that marriages do take some work and compromise. Joe might have forgotten that part since he got to marry his crush and has had some experience on what to do and what not to do. But quite honestly even after dating for a while, perhaps years, marriages are still kind of hard at times simply because the relationship will change in subtle ways that people might not even pick up on at first. But once they come along the couple will usually begin to act differently towards one another, be it in a positive or negative manner, and if it’s the latter then things need to be worked out and discussed so as to keep the relationship running as smoothly as possible. For some people a rocky relationship seems to work, but those types still tend to find that they get tired of the constant fighting and arguments. For others though communication is key and it’s what keeps them together through thick and thin.

Joe and Sofia look so great together that you can imagine that anything that comes between them could possibly be a snag in the relationship, but only so long as it takes for them to talk it out. And really sometimes that’s all it takes is to talk things out and make sure that each person knows how the other is feeling. Without good communication then a relationship can’t work all that well. Keeping feelings and emotions from one another is a dangerous game that doesn’t end well since it leads to very negative emotions that can be bottled up for years before they simply explode and make a general mess. Joe and Sofia seem to have it figured out though, as they look like a happy couple and have been together for at least a couple of years, longer than some celebrity marriages tend to last. Hopefully this won’t jinx anything and they’ll be just as tight in the next few years.

They do look pretty good together.

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