Kevin Hart’s Public Apology Means Nothing in the Real World

Kevin Hart’s Public Apology Means Nothing in the Real World

Do you ever get the feeling that celebrities take to Snapchat and Instagram to do something other than air out their grievances and bad decisions to their fans? Supposedly Kevin Hart went on Instagram to describe the situation in which he felt it necessary to apologize to his wife, who’s pregnant, and his kids about something he was very vague on and didn’t fully reveal at all. He seemed genuinely sorry for whatever it was, but in truth, and this is something that’s been bugging me for a while now, going on Instagram to apologize to fans who may or may not care what you do in your private time is kind of pointless. Sending out a public Instagram to your wife and kids that everyone can see is just as pointless.

It’s a grab at more publicity, at letting people see you and understand that you’re a person and that they should expect you to be just like them. It’s a chance for a well-known and very popular comedian to get more attention than he might have been receiving lately and a great deal more sympathy than he might deserve.

Did he cheat on his pregnant wife? Did he shame himself so that his kids might no longer be proud of him and his wife might have to hide her face in public? The better question is: who cares?

Being a fan doesn’t mean you have to be that invested in a favorite star’s personal life and live to hear about every aspect of their lives. The main reason that Kevin Hart’s apology doesn’t mean squat in the real world is that in the real world we all have problems and a massive load of issues to deal with. But those that feel the need to unload their emotional baggage online and to complete strangers are doing something that the rest of us feel is just flat out crazy. Why would you bother bearing your soul to those that might just scroll on by you without really caring. Why would you assume that they would read your post or watch your video and go “Aww, the poor guy, he sounds like he really means it”.

It’s an attention grab, even if he claims it isn’t. You don’t go on Instagram to give a touching video to your wife and kids and blast it all over social media. Those are the things you do privately, one on one, and with some sense of decorum. If anyone else asks about it you have the right to tell them that it’s not their business. But that’s not how a lot of Hollywood works.

If we, the consumers, aren’t paying attention to the stars then a lot of them tend to think that we don’t care and could move on to the next big thing in a heartbeat. Kevin is no different really. He knows his fan base could be gone within a week if he isn’t careful, and so he’s doing whatever he can to grab more attention.

A public apology to person that you should be making a private apology to doesn’t mean a dang thing.


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