10 Things You Didn’t Know about Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka Flame

Sometimes it pays to wonder how a rapper or an artist in general gets their stage name, but Waka Flocka Flame got his due to his family and friends. His cousin nicknamed him Waka after Fozzy from the Muppets while Gucci Mane came up with the idea of Flocka Flame. That’s the name he’s stuck with for a while now and has been rocking on stage as he’s gone from place to place showing off his talents on the mic and laying it down for others to hear. That he’s talented is no doubt, but that he benefits from time to time thanks to that reputation just like a lot of other famous names is just as obvious since he was once caught in an airport with a loaded weapon in his luggage and was out of jail in 2 hours. There’s likely an easy way to explain this but from the outset it speaks of privileges that a lot of people wouldn’t have been given in the same situation.

Here are a few things about Waka you might not have known.

10. His mother is the former manager for Gucci Mane.

At first it sounds as though things were just fine between them when Gucci fired Waka’s mother as his manager, but as time went on it sounds as though Gucci found reason to press charges on her when it came to how she used and abused her position as his manager. Of course this led to a feud between the two rappers.

9. He posed for a nude photo for PETA.

The photo wasn’t revealing but it was under the slogan ‘ink not mink’ or something along those lines. It would seem that he cares about a few things outside of his career and is more than ready to help out when needed.

8. Waka was on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta for a bit.

It seems a lot of people at least show up on such programs even if it’s just a here and there kind of thing. But it did lead to his own show that if you’ve watched it seems like a chance to cash in on the whole reality aspect. It’s hard to say if it worked though.

7. He was shot twice during an attempted robbery.

This happened in 2010 outside of an Atlanta car wash. He was shot but obviously survived. One can’t help but think that someone was desperate to do such a thing in the open like this. That seems to be the kind of life that people think rappers live, but in truth it seems to depend on the area and the lifestyle of the individual.

6. Waka’s had his own fair share of legal trouble in the past.

He’s been nailed for possessing illegal substances and a loaded handgun but obviously nothing’s ever come of it. This might sound cynical but the whole idea of having ‘a promising musical career’ shouldn’t be a get of jail free card. These artists and actors that perform the kind of acts and crimes that other people would get put away for need to be reminded at times what it means to be a US citizen and follow the laws as they’re laid down.

5. He and Gucci Mane seem to have an on and off feud going.

It’s kind of hard to say where this beef is at any given moment since it seems that they reconcile only to go back to having an issue with one another again in a manner that is hard to explain since no one wants to fully agree that the feud is still on or what caused it in the first place. One would think that as adults we leave the kind of behavior back in high school or even elementary school, but obviously that’s not the case.

4. His younger brother committed suicide.

On a very serious note he did lose his brother a while back and has been trying to keep a clean and healthy lifestyle since. Losing a family member is never easy, particularly one that’s close to you and managed to share a number of good times.

3. He had to cancel a show due to a school shooting.

Paula Rogo from Essence wrote about this just recently and reported that Waka was just fine and had decided to cancel his appearance following the school shooting in Charlotte. This was probably a good idea so as to allow people to gather their bearings.

2. His social media following is massive.

He has millions of followers and there’s likely more looking at his music each day so it could be that his popularity is only going to rise for a while.

1. As of now his net worth is around $7 million.

If you had any doubt about his popularity at this point then this might silence you since he’s been on a roll now for almost a decade and doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

He’s definitely one of the hottest rappers out there.

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