10 Things You Didn’t Know About Violet Benson

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Violet Benson

Violet Benson is an American internet personality. She is best known by the online name that she donned which is Daddy Issues, which is a persona that she has created for her Instagram account which is titled with the same name. She’s garnered a large following of fans who would like to know more about the comedienne. To satisfy the longing for more information, here are ten things you probably didn’t know about Violet Benson.

1. She was born in Russia

Benson was born to Russian parents in the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia. This is the country of her origin, but she moved to American early in her teen years at the age of fourteen. Her parents were fortunate to win the green card lottery which gave them the means to immigrate to the United States.

2. She’s a college graduate

Violet is a smart girl who went to college and graduated with her degree at an early age. She enrolled in classes at California Stae University at Northridge. She was just 19 years old when she received her degree. This shows that she is academically inclined.

3. Violet has a great sense of humor

Benson is known for her talent as a comedienne on her social media channels. This is an admirable trait that is just a part of her magnetic personality. Even her high school classmates appreciated her sense of humor and the ways that she kept them entertained. They honored her with the distinction of voting her class clown.

4. She hosts multiple social media channels

Although Ms. Benson is well-known for her Instagram channel DaddyIssues, she actually appears under the same name in several other channels. She has Twitter as well as Snapchat accounts and has risen to the status of celebrity on all of them. In addition to all of this, she also operates a blog that is titled DaddyIssues LA.

5. She was a finance professional prior to fame

Violet shared that her father pushed her hard to take as many college classes and she could handle, and this was the reason that she graduated at such a young age. During her time in college, she studied law as well as accounting. These can be difficult subjects, but she tackled the programs and finished them very quickly. After graduation, she became an accountant and worked in this profession before launching full steam into her social media career.

6. She’s been involved with MTV

For those of you who are not aware, Violet was a guest blogger for MTV. She did so in 2015, just prior to the 2015 Video Music Awards. In addition to this, she was also featured on Vanity Fair. She’s received a great deal of recognition for her talents as a social media funny lady.

7. Her fan base has grown into the millions

Violet Benson, also known as DaddyIssues has achieved the status of internet superstar with a huge fan base of several million. At last count, her count of followers was estimated at 4.1 million, and that number is still growing. She is nothing short of an internet phenomenon and her popularity is still growing, seemingly exponentially.

8. She’s only been DaddyIssues for five years and she had confidence issues

One of the most impressive aspects of Violet Bensen’s career as a social media personality is the fact that she has become such a sensation and she’s done it in such a short period of time. She first launched DaddyIssues on Instagram on the fifth of July in 2014. Her brand of humor is one that people can easily relate to and she’s considered to be one of the funniest females on Instagram. We also learned that in addition to her other social media platforms on Snapchat and Twitter, she also as another Instagram account in which she uses her real name. Initially, Violet maintained secrecy when it came to her identity and it was all because she didn’t have the confidence in herself. It only took her about six weeks to realize that the content she provided was good and people were loving it, then on the 31st of August in 2015, she revealed her real name. She’s known to make fun of herself with her videos, blogs, and memes as she painfully navigates her way through the 21st century and this is a theme that most people in her age group can easily identify with.

9. Violet Benson is expanding her reach

Violet has taken the social media platform by storm with her comedic videos, blogs, and memes, but she’s not limiting herself to these venues solely. In addition to being a funny lady, she is also headed towards much bigger things which will enhance her current popularity and net worth as well. She’s signed with CAA and is scheduled to appear in a movie project as well as a few television roles. She also has an advice column as well as her own online store for the purposes of monetization. Benson also has some brand deals pending which means that she’s also going to become an influencer with the very important brand endorsements which can bring in a tidy sum of money on the side. You can also catch “Top Five With Violet Benson on Facebook, which is her weekly.

10. She lived in Israel

Benson’s family moved from Russia to Israel for a period of time. She spent several years in the country before moving with her parents and sister to the United States. She was just fourteen at the time that the family made their move to Los Angeles, California.

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