Whatever Happened to Jaye Davidson from “The Crying Game?”

Whatever Happened to Jaye Davidson from “The Crying Game?”

If you’re ever wondering what happened to Jaye Davidson from The Crying Game then you might want to look online and see what he’s up to. It would seem that he didn’t care for all the fame that was coming his way after he was featured on Stargate and decided to retire. He eventually went into modeling and as far as anyone can tell he’s been quite happy with what he’s doing these days. In some ways you can’t really blame the guy since the spotlight isn’t the favorite place for every single person that ever wanders into it. But at the same time one has to wonder just how much fame could have been coming his way off of two movie appearances that were deemed to be well-done but still didn’t really pass the test of time all that well. Of course people still remember The Crying Game and Stargate, but those that were still too young to remember or weren’t even born that time wouldn’t have any idea who he is at this point. Personal choice being what it is he still decided to walk away from Hollywood and live a quiet life and it seems he’s doing all the better for it.

Some folks just don’t want to shine once they figure out how it affects their lives. That’s every person’s choice to make after all.

The Crying Game

The Crying Game caused a huge stir when it came out since the whole ‘secret’ behind it was that Dil was transgender. At that point however people still took to saying ‘the secret is that it’s a man’ in a rather insensitive way. It was the 90s to be honest and it was the most that many people were willing to say since at that time transgenderism was still something that a lot of people didn’t want to discuss openly and it still wasn’t something that a lot of people were willing to see in a movie. But The Crying Game still went on to be nominated for several awards and it even won a couple. Throughout history now it’s actually been used as reference in many ways when transgenderism is seen in movies or on TV, becoming something of a joke or a parody that has attempted to make light of the issue and what it means to others. At the time this movie came out however the idea of being transgender wasn’t new, but it certainly wasn’t as accepted as it is today.


This film was revolutionary when it first came out since despite the pseudo-science it dealt with it was still a thrill ride that was exciting and engaging on more than one level. It painted a vague picture of how humanity had come to be and who had been responsible for seeding the earth with humans so as to obtain a workforce that could serve those that they saw as their gods. Thanks to Jaye’s somewhat androgynous look it took some people a little while to realize that he is actually a man. The clothing and ornamentation he wore in this film didn’t always help either since it almost seemed feminine in some ways. But the whole idea of another being from an unknown galaxy using a human as its host and then lording over other humans with his vastly superior technology is something along the lines of what many people want to see when they go to the movies, and this one definitely delivered. It was almost forgotten a couple of years after its release however, despite the TV show and the books that continued the legacy. In many ways it might have been better as a one-off that people enjoyed while it was in theaters, as the story could have been left as it was without the need to expand and therefore water it down so much.

Again it’s hard to see how much fame really came from either one of these movies when it concerns Jaye but how much one can deal with is always subject to the individual and how they view the situation. It seems as though Jaye might have taken a little bit of heat for acting like a transgender male in The Crying Game, he certainly would now without a doubt, but it could also be said that he might have been lauded as brave and even courageous for taking on such a part. As for his role in Stargate one has to remember that he didn’t even show up for a good part of the movie and once he was there his lines and his time on screen were still a distant second to those of James Spader and Kurt Russell, the main stars of the film. So perhaps when stating that he didn’t want to deal with the fame it really means that his career wasn’t really going anywhere.

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