10 Things You Didn’t Know about Stella Maeve

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Stella Maeve

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Stella Maeve

You know you’ve heard her name at least and realized that she is for real when it comes to acting, but Stella Maeve is more than just a pretty face that shows up now and again when it’s convenient to have her around. She’s a serious actress that has been in a few shows and movies that have been truly special even if they haven’t gained as much attention as they deserved. Her career has been one that’s been climbing since she started up and is at this moment still on a role as she continues to appear on the screen in various roles. She’s shown her dedication to the craft and has managed to land some good roles here and there that have kept her career moving forward, and she has also managed to become one of those actors that you know by name, but sometimes only if you get to see her as well.

Here are a few other things you might not know about her.

10. Apparently she’s part Blackfoot and Cherokee.

She’s let it be known that she’s Native American and no one’s going to dispute this since there’s really no point. If she’d claimed such a thing and someone had spoken out against it then there might be an issue, but otherwise there’s no point in saying anything against it unless there was good reason.

9. She has a moderately impressive filmography.

She’s done a lot in the past thirteen years but it seems to amount to a very back and forth career between TV and film. That’s pretty normal actually but it also implies that a person is a jack of all trades but master of none. While that’s not entirely accurate it’s still the kind of perception that is given when it can be seen that one’s TV credits are just as long as their film credits, if not longer.

8. She’s been in several Law & Order episodes.

Stella has had six different roles in several Law & Order shows. These shows tend to cycle their actors over and over it seems, bringing back the same actors in different roles for different episodes. It makes for a fun time remembering where you’ve seen them before, but it also kind of begs the question as whether the budget for such shows is up to snuff or if they just enjoy seeing the same faces over and over.

7. She was in The Runaways.

The Runaways was a film based on the band of the same name that comprised Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, and Sandy West to begin with. Of course there were other band members added and of course Hollywood took some liberties with the narrative but overall it seemed like it was a stunning look at how the band formed and then dissipated. The Runaways were lauded as the first all-female rock band to come onto the scene and were extremely popular in their time. Once Cherie left the group however Joan and the remaining band members formed Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, continuing to build their fame.

6. She stars in The Magicians.

It turns out in this show magic is very real, and when Julia, Stella’s character, is not admitted into the same academy as her friend she is recruited by another magical society. The problem with magic in this show is that it is a very real danger to humanity, but it is also a tremendous boon if used correctly.

5. She has a modest following on social media.

Her following on Twitter and that on Instagram are only the low thousands, which might indicate she’s not all that active on social media, or isn’t as well-known. It seems more like the former to be honest.

4. There’s not much known about her upbringing.

Right now it sounds like she’s stayed pretty mum on her personal information as is her right. If you want the truth actors don’t owe fans much of anything other than a great performance. There’s no need to divulge personal information unless the celebrity in question wants it to be that way.

3. She started her career in 2005.

Whatever drive prompted her to get into acting it’s been strong enough to last for the past decade and more as she’s been making her way steadily forward in her career, taking the parts that seem right for her and doing the absolute best she can.

2. She starred in Brooklyn’s Finest.

She plays a very small part in this film but it’s enough to know she’s there along with several other big names to credit this to her resume. Sometimes it’s just a matter of showing up that manages to get you the credit you need.

1. She performed her own stunts in the film Flipped.

Imagine being flipped upside down in a car and have no one coming to help you except a mysterious stranger that has no intention of helping once he gets there. Then think of everything that lives in the forest deciding to come have a peek at what’s inside this flipped-over car.

Stella is definitely worth watching.

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