Binging With Babish: Arepas Con Queso from Encanto

It’s always interesting to learn about different foods from different cultures since meals from around the world are often very different from each other but are also similar to other meals in several ways if one takes the time to notice. The arepas con queso from Encanto looks like comfort food that’s simple to make once the prep work is done, as all they look like are small pancakes or biscuits with cheese on the inside. There’s obviously more to it than that, but the fact is that they look fairly easy to make once one has the hang of it, and they could be a very pleasing snack to make if one had the inclination. That might mean that there’s not a lot to be said about it, but as such a simple dish it’s tough to go on and on since, despite the prep being important to how the dish comes out, there isn’t much to think about once it comes time to put the cheese inside. It does appear that one might be able to load these things up with other items if they had the desire since that little pocket of goodness is probably able to hold more than a single slice of cheese.

But it’s fair to state that this might change the whole profile of the dish and possibly turn it into something else that would give it a different name. Anything that can be opened up and stuffed with something is often classified in one way or another since at that point it becomes something different than what it was in the first place. I know, duh, right? But the thought that this dish would be a great snack or appetizer during a party or other gathering is kind of tempting since it does feel as though a lot of people would find this especially fun if a person were to put out a tray of these on their own and a host of ingredients that could be placed inside. 

Hopefully, such a suggestion wouldn’t be seen as insulting to the dish since some cultures have been making such dishes for so long that trying to alter it in any way does tend to anger those that prefer it in the old style. But much like anything, food is meant to evolve and change along with the passing of time as many dishes have been changed slightly or added onto over the years in order to keep employing new and possibly more efficient techniques that can make the dish even better and possibly come up with ways to make the dish taste a little better. This dish is one of those that could be improved upon in many ways or just left alone. But it’s likely that many people would want to add something to it since with one slice of cheese melted within what is a corn flour cake, it’s not all that exciting, but it is comforting in a way from a visual standpoint, and there’s not much doubt that it’s great when one needs a warm snack or just something to chew on during a difficult day. 

One thing that has been great about Babish’s show is that he’s not too picky when it comes to what dishes he’ll take on, and he gives a great deal of respect to everything he does, showing that he is a dedicated chef and a showman that can get people to pay attention to what he does and keep coming back. Dishes like this make it easy to keep up with this show since it’s been amusing ever since it was first noticed. With so many different culinary wonders and delights being shown in TV shows and movies it’s fair to think that Babish won’t be running out of material to use any time soon, and it’s also likely that plenty of people will keep turning in requests that Babish will consider when it comes to what he’ll do next. Some of the meals that have come along over the past several months have been a little crazy, but Babish has taken them in stride and done his absolute best, which is obviously good enough to keep people interested. 

 One good thing about comfort dishes is that they have a few different uses, and all of them are bound to make us feel better in some way by the time we’re done eating. From easing the sting of a bad day to just filling our stomachs when we need something warm to comfort us, such dishes are great since they’re usually not hard to make, don’t often require a lot of ingredients, and can be made by just about anyone that knows at least a little bit when it comes to baking simple dishes. 

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